Never Late, Never Away Chapter 906

Larry heard of the legend too, which has it that every family who took a Ferris wheel together would be together forever, so he hopped into the gondola excitedly.

The ride ended soon. They were about to head home when Finnick realized Vivian and Larry hadn’t had lunch as they were too busy having fun.

Hence, they went to a restaurant and filled their tummies up before heading home.

A few days later, it was time for the dinner party. Vivian put on a newly bought blue evening dress while Finnick wore a smart suit with a blue tie to match Vivian’s dress.

“Daddy, Mommy, where are you going?” Larry inquired curiously when he saw his parents all dressed up.

“We’re going to join a party in our company today,” Vivian bent down and explained to Larry.

“Can I go, too?”

Larry wanted to join them as his parents looked stunning in their outfits.

Alas, they were going to a formal dinner party in the company instead of the amusement park. It was impractical to bring Larry along.

Larry pouted after hearing her explanation and muttered to himself unhappily. “Fine, I won’t go.”

Vivian found his reaction hilarious, but she didn’t laugh out loud lest Larry got more upset.

“Larry, I will bring you along next time, alright?”

One day, Larry would attend an important event where Finnick would announce Larry as his successor.

At once, Larry’s eyes lit up while nodding profusely. He said nothing as Finnick and Vivian left the house with their hands tightly clasped together.

He then went upstairs to continue his revision.

I’ve taken a day off yesterday, so I can’t play with my toys today.

“Finnick, will there be many people attending the party?” Vivian was nervous as this was the first time she had ever attended such a party.

If there was a huge crowd at the party, she would keep her lips zipped and maintain a polite smile throughout the whole night.

Vivian was afraid of bringing trouble to Finnick’s company if she said something inappropriate at the party.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” comforted Finnick as he patted her head affectionately.

He then stared at her thoughtfully.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Sensing Finnick’s gaze, Vivian reached out to touch her cheeks.

“It’s nothing. I was marveling at how pretty you look.” Vivian blushed fiercely after hearing his praise.

Usually, Finnick would praise her in a cheeky manner, so she was taken aback by how gentle he was right now.

“Alright. Focus on driving.” Vivian squeezed his hand and fell silent.

Vivian’s mind was racing. What if something happens later? What should I answer when someone asks me a question?

The car soon came to a stop at their destination.

Both of them alighted from the vehicle. Vivian held Finnick’s arm as they entered the venue.

Immediately, they drew envious glances from the milling crowd. Upon closer inspection, however, they could sense that the moment they walked in, the crowd stared at them and murmured flattering praises such as, “Mrs. Norton is so gorgeous!” or “Mr. Norton is so handsome!”

They were merely being courteous. Despite that, Vivian smiled and nodded at everyone politely.

Finnick strode ahead without a word, but that was normal as everyone was used to his indifference.

No one found his indifference rude. On the other hand, if he flashed a smile instead, they would probably find it strange.

Finnick soon spotted Chase clinking glasses with someone else. Upon seeing him, the latter came over immediately.

“Mr. Norton, you look charming tonight,” praised Chase. His words seemed more convincing than the others.

Perhaps his comments were sincere, or he might be good with his words after years in the corporate world.

“Mr. Neville, the same goes to you,” replied Finnick coolly. Both men were total opposites— Finnick being aloof, and Chase being mild-mannered.

Chuckling, Chase gestured at Vivian. “And this is…”

Previously, Chase had met Vivian before, but he still wanted a formal introduction through Finnick.

“My wife, Vivian Morrison,” answered Finnick.

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