Never Late, Never Away Chapter 909

With that, he led her out.

Chase glowered at Lexi, warning her to stay put.

Lexi cowered back in fear and nodded obediently.

Meanwhile, Vivian felt a flicker of irritation as Finnick led her away.

It wasn’t my fault. Why did he act like I was the one who took the box without permission?

“What are you doing?” she pried free from his grip and demanded.

Vivian felt wronged as she seethed with anger.

“You know what you did. Go home on your own.”

With that said, Finnick spun on his heels and left.

As he walked away from her, Vivian’s heart sink.

Doesn’t Finnick believe me?

Does he seriously think I’m a thief? Why is he acting this way?

As the questions whirled around in her mind, Vivian walked out of the building.

Finnick had driven her here earlier. She had to walk home alone since he told her to head home on her own.

On the way out, Vivian couldn’t help but wonder. Today’s a happy occasion. Why did Finnick treat me that way?

Did I do something to make him angry? If so, why didn’t he say it out loud?

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice. When she turned back, she spotted Larry standing at a distance away.

Vivian’s lips parted in shock. Is that Larry? Why is he here? Shouldn’t he be at home? Curious, she went to Larry and questioned her son.

“I was bored at home, so I followed you secretly,” came Larry’s reply.

After they departed earlier, Larry dashed upstairs to take some money and hailed a cab to follow them.

Finnick wasn’t driving quickly, so he caught up with his parents in no time.

“No more next time! What if something happens to you?”

Vivian patted her chest in fear. Luckily, I came out in time. Otherwise, something might happen to Larry.

“I’m fine, Mommy. I never lost sight of you,” replied Larry as he swung Vivian’s hand sweetly.

“You saw everything?” Vivian was surprised when she heard his words.

“Yes. Lexi is a bad woman!” Larry huffed.

He was about to help Vivian, but Finnick and Chase showed up before he could do so.

Upon seeing the men, he retreated back to his hiding place.

“Lexi Jackson likes Daddy. That was why she did that to you.”

Larry’s statement served as a wake-up call for Vivian.

She couldn’t understand why Lexi hated her so much, but now everything made sense.

“How did you know?”

“She kept stealing glances at Daddy in the party.”

Oh, I see.

Still, Vivian couldn’t help but blame Finnick for not helping her. Even Larry could see it wasn’t her fault.

Larry knew his mommy was feeling miserable. He parted his lips to comfort her. “Mommy, look. I’m here for you!”

He winked cheekily, causing Vivian to burst out laughing.

Right. Even if Finnick doesn’t believe me, I still have Larry.

I only wanted to touch the box, but Lexi accused me of being a thief.

Yes, that box was pretty, but I’m a well-mannered person. There’s no way I’ll steal something which belongs to others just because I like it.

Vivian took Larry’s hand. Let’s see what Finnick will say when he gets back home. I’ll ignore him until he gives me an explanation.

They hailed a cab and went back home.

Vivian originally wanted to walk back home, but after bumping into Larry, she didn’t want to tire him out.

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