Never Late, Never Away Chapter 910

Taking a cab home was their best choice.

Back at home, Vivian ushered Larry into his room as his teacher was here.

Previously, after Larry told them about his teachers’ shortcomings, Vivian fired them all except for Paris.

She wouldn’t let the disqualified tutors teach her little pumpkin.

Vivian went back to her room. Hiding under the covers, she started munching on snacks.

She had never eaten in bed, but this time, she was too angry to think straight. Also, she was too lazy to go to the dining room.

As she was in a foul mood, she allowed herself to act capriciously this once.

Vivian chomped on her chips and soon dozed off.

When Finnick came home, he was greeted by the sight of a messy bed with chips scattered everywhere. There were even chips on Vivian’s face.

Finnick retrieved the chip packaging and slowly picked up the scattered chips.

When he picked up the last chip, Vivian’s eyes fluttered open.

Finnick jolted in shock, but he quickly collected himself and flashed a grin.

“Are you hungry?” he queried. “Get up. It’s time for dinner.”

Actually, it was one hour past their usual dinnertime, but it wasn’t too late to have dinner now.

Finnick refused to let Vivian sleep on an empty stomach. It isn’t good for her health.

Vivian spared him a glance and rolled over. She shut her eyes firmly. Ha! Serves you right for getting mad at me earlier.

Seeing her reaction, Finnick joined her in bed and wrapped his arms around her.

“Honey, listen. I had no choice back there. You are my wife, so I know you’ll understand my decision. I do trust you, but that was Chase Neville’s daughter. If I attack her, our partnership will come to an end.”

After hearing Finnick’s explanation, Vivian felt her heart soften.

She had spent a long time reflecting on herself. By doing so, her fury had faded away.

She was acting indifferent so Finnick would provide an explanation.

“Also, you need to leave to be with our son.”

Finnick knew she was no longer angry, so he tightened his arms around her.

“You knew our son had followed us there?”

Vivian turned and gazed at him curiously.

“I realized it the moment he got into a cab to tail after us.”

Vivian’s fury faded into thin air. Finnick knew Vivian was doing this for Larry, so he smiled. “You’re not mad anymore?”

He brushed a finger softly down her nose.

“Mm,” came Vivian’s exasperated reply.

She was still upset at what he did today. Understanding his intention was one thing, and throwing a tantrum was another.

No one said she couldn’t throw a tantrum after she found out why he did so, right?

“Alright. I prepared dinner to make it up to you. Shall we eat together?”

Before entering their bedroom, Finnick had already prepared a spread for her.

Vivian’s stomach was grumbling in hunger. She got off the bed and washed up before following him downstairs.

Larry was seated at the table. When he saw them holding hands, he immediately knew they had made up.

The little boy ran his fingers through his hair and waited patiently as Finnick served them.

Finnick’s cooking skills had improved gradually. If he worked hard, he’d end up being a better cook than Vivian herself.

No matter how good his culinary skills were, Finnick still preferred Vivian’s cooking.

He could feel how much she loved him through the food she prepared for him.

“Is it delicious?” Finnick asked.

Vivian gave him a nod and continued eating.

Finnick knew Vivian didn’t like to talk when she was eating, so he didn’t press on.

The three of them enjoyed their dinner silently.

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