Never Late, Never Away Chapter 913

Why does she look so mad? Did something happen?

The assistant had been at work since early morning, so she had no idea what was going on. Her mouth was agape as she stared at Vivian wordlessly.

“Where is he?” Vivian urged.

“Oh, Mr. Norton’s inside his office,” came the assistant’s reply.

At once, Vivian pushed the door open and strode in.

Before she went in, she had half-expected to see something inside—like two persons flirting or fooling around, but Finnick was alone inside his office.

Vivian scanned the surroundings carefully, but there were no signs of the woman anywhere.

Her gaze landed on Finnick. “You’re busy?”

“Huh? Honey, why are you here?”

Finnick glanced at her innocently.

“Why am I here? If I didn’t come, will Lexi get pregnant with your baby next?”

Fury shone in Vivian’s gaze. How dare he cheat on me but refuse to admit it?

Still, she kept her voice low lest outsiders overheard their argument.

“Lexi? Oh, I just held her in time because she fell down.”

Finnick was tickled by Vivian’s reaction, but he knew this wasn’t the right time to laugh out loud.

Holding his laughter back, he offered an explanation quickly.

“Oh? Fell down? Isn’t it obvious what she’s trying to do? It’s pretty clear to me.”

Alas, Finnick’s explanation only served to heighten her fury.

A furious woman was an unreasonable woman.

“Vivian, listen to me.”

This was the first time Finnick had ever seen Vivian this livid, so he was at a loss as to how to quell her anger.

Back then, he found Lexi’s act despicable, but it was too late for him to turn back time and reverse his action.

“Go on. I’m all ears.”

Vivian flashed a grin amidst her rage and glared at Finnick. Well, let’s see what his explanation will be.

“Yes, Lexi did that on purpose. I had to help her because her dad was right there. If I didn’t help her, things would turn awkward.”

After providing his explanation, Finnick gazed at her earnestly, hoping she’d cool down soon.

It’s really difficult to appease her anger.

She looks like she is about to slap me!

“If so, will there be a next time?”

As Finnick’s words made sense, Vivian’s anger disappeared as quickly as it came.

As the news reported otherwise, Vivian initially flew into a fit of rage.

However, she could still think straight. After pondering for a bit, she immediately realized it was nothing but a ruse because she was also working in the publishing industry.

Ah, she has forgiven me!

Immediately, Finnick responded, “No, of course not! I won’t do it again.”

He dared not say anything else except to beg for her forgiveness.

“Mm,” came Vivian’s calm reply as she looked away.

Finnick knew Vivian still wanted him to appease her.

“Vivian, I was wrong. Why don’t you hit me to vent out your anger?”

Vivian remained unfazed. It took Finnick some time to eventually soften her.

Soon Vivian felt better and she flung her arms around him.

“We’ve been separated for seven years. I’ve waited for you all the while. Please don’t leave me ever again, alright?”

This morning, besides the initial fury that swelled in her, she was also angry at how incapable she was.

If the scandal turned out to be true, Vivian had no idea what she would do.

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