Never Late, Never Away Chapter 914

Terrified that Finnick would leave her, she pleaded with him in a meek tone.

She wasn’t someone who couldn’t survive without a man, but her love for Finnick was too deep.

“Okay. I won’t, don’t worry.”

Finnick patted her back in consolation.

Nevertheless, he felt bitterness spreading across his heart. Am I doing the right thing?

Forget it. I’ll just take things one step at a time.

Vivian remained in his embrace for a long time before leaving his office. She had already been absent from work for the morning.

If she didn’t return to work, her senior editor might take action against her.

“Alright. Go!” Finnick kissed her forehead before allowing her to leave.

The minute Vivian stepped out of Finnick’s office, his assistant immediately glanced at her curiously.

Feeling chagrined, Vivian chided herself for acting on impulse earlier. Yet, it was too late for her to regret her actions.

She strode away confidently. No one will dare to gossip if I’m confident enough, she told herself.

After leaving the building, she drove back to her company.

The next day, another bombshell dropped.

Vivian’s hands were trembling as she read the papers. She wanted to rush to Finnick’s office to demand an explanation, but she was afraid the same thing would happen all over again.

“Finnick Norton!” she growled angrily.

At once, Finnick sneezed in his office.

Vivian wanted to demand a statement from Finnick now, but she changed her mind swiftly. I’ll wait for him to come and give me an explanation.

Hence, she threw herself into work furiously until it was time to get off work. She was packing her stuff up when she saw Finnick’s text: Are you getting off work? Do you want me to pick you up?

Vivian: Sure.

Let’s see what his explanation will be.

“Honey!” Finnick called out when she walked out of the building.

After entering the car, Vivian fixated her gaze on Finnick.

The breeze was blowing against her cheeks gently. Her tears had dried off by now.

By the time Vivian stepped out of Finnick’s car, he still hadn’t offered her an explanation.

“Tell me. Why did you go to a hotel with Lexi?” She folded her arms crossly.

“Well, there’s nothing to explain. I’m not afraid to admit what I did.”

Glancing at the dark sky, Finnick was about to start the engine as it was late.

To his surprise, Vivian opened the door and left without hesitation.

Finnick watched as she walked away wordlessly. He called someone before heading toward the hotel.

Meanwhile, Vivian’s heart was aching uncontrollably at the thought of the conversation she had with Finnick in the car.

Yesterday, he gave me an excuse easily.

Now that the papers reported him going into a hotel with Lexi, he had nothing else to say.

She wiped her tears away and let out a self-deprecating laugh.

Finnick has admitted to having an affair. It’s pointless for me to stay on.

I should leave with little pumpkin.

After all, Finnick and I are still not legally married. Might as well I leave him now.

We shall go on our separate ways from now on.

Instead of heading home, Vivian decided to spend a night in the hotel.

On the way to the hotel, she realized someone was stalking her. Immediately, she quickened her footsteps and went into a nearby hotel.

This hotel was one of Finnick’s assets.

Vivian didn’t want to use her identity as Mrs. Norton to get a room, so she only requested for a standard room.

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