Never Late, Never Away Chapter 915

The room was slightly more expensive than usual, but Vivian thought the price was worth it. After all, this standard room was as huge as other hotels’ presidential suites.

She flopped into the bed and thought about the past few days’ events.

After Finnick came back, everything seemed strange.

He refused to register our marriage, claiming that he wasn’t ready. He would only treat me nicely at home.

In public, he was always aloof.

Is he afraid his lover would get mad?

Vivian snorted as her mind raced.

They had been together for over eight years, so Vivian knew Finnick well. However, he had become a stranger to her now.

Back then, Finnick would never be caught with another woman, let alone entering a hotel with a popular celebrity. He had also never ignored Vivian.

It’s his fault that I’m spending the night in a hotel.

Finnick must be bored at me.

I’m old and haggard now. He isn’t contented with having one wife, so he found himself another lover.

Cheating on one’s partner—both physically and mentally—was an unforgivable sin to Vivian, especially since she regarded them as a married couple.

She couldn’t do a thing to change the reality, hence she decided to leave with Larry in tow.

Soon, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, when Vivian arrived at the lobby, she ran into someone familiar—Finnick’s assistant.

“Good morning, Mrs. Norton. I’m here under Mr. Norton’s orders to escort you home.”

Vivian nodded and got into the vehicle.

Her original plan was to go back home and pick up Larry before taking off. Therefore, this car ride was in accordance with her plan.

In the car, the assistant was smart enough to remain silent throughout the whole journey. True enough, Vivian wasn’t in the mood to say anything.

Silence hung in the air, except for the occasional turning of the steering wheel.

Back home, Vivian entered the door to find Finnick huddled together with Larry, seemingly engrossed in a conversation.

When she went closer, she realized that he was helping Larry with his studies.

Upon spotting Vivian, Finnick dismissed his assistant with a wave.

He glanced at Vivian and uttered, “Honey, you were too busy with work to come home last night. If I didn’t send my assistant to pick you up, would you still be working by now?”

Vivian immediately understood what Finnick was trying to say. Oh, he told Larry I spent the whole night working in my office.

However, she refused to play along with him.

“Come with me,” she ordered.

She didn’t want to cause a scene in front of their child.

Finnick gazed at Larry, who was scribbling down the answer confidently. He gestured for the tutor to continue teaching Larry.

“I’m going to leave with Larry,” Vivian cut to the chase and announced.

After seeing Finnick’s scandal with a popular celebrity splashed over the front news for two consecutive days, she couldn’t take it any longer.

Afraid of losing herself after seeing another scandal tomorrow, she told herself it was time to leave this man.

Perhaps she would fare better without Finnick.

“No, I will not allow it,” came Finnick’s firm reply.

There was no way he would allow her to leave him, ever.

“What if I insist?”

Vivian’s eyes widened as she glared at him icily.

“I’ll hold you captive, then.” Finnick’s answer took Vivian by surprise.

Hold me captive?

Seriously? Why did he change so much after his return?

He had never said or even tried to hold me captive!

He means it. Vivian thought about it and returned to her room.

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