Never Late, Never Away Chapter 916

I’ll find a way to escape secretly. I swear I will leave.

To her utter shock, Finnick refused to let her leave the house starting the next day. He even cut her off from the outside world.

Vivian felt extremely distressed. She had no idea what she did wrong or what had happened to Finnick.

Why is Finnick doing this to me?

Only a prisoner would be imprisoned. Why is he imprisoning me at home?

It was something she hadn’t expected, hence she could only sit on the sofa and switched on the TV silently.

Larry came to her and asked, “Mommy, don’t you have to go to work today?”

Yes, I do. It was your daddy who forced me to stay at home.

That was what she thought, but she didn’t reveal the truth to Larry. Instead, she beamed happily.

“No need. My company gave me a holiday.”

It was a blatant lie, but Larry bought it anyway. He giggled. “Then you must’ve been a hardworking employee. Otherwise, your company wouldn’t have given you a holiday.”

Then, Larry gave her a peck on her forehead and chuckled merrily at the sight of his saliva on her forehead.

“Good boy. Love you too, little pumpkin.”

As Vivian laughed, she couldn’t help but think that the little boy was the only one who loved her now.

There was also her brother, of course.

She felt much better upon recalling her family.

Previously, she was too obsessed with Finnick. Now that he wasn’t the one for her, it would be best for her to take her leave.

She might spend some time to get over him, but it would be over sooner or later.

Vivian waited the entire day until Finnick came home at night.

Larry was still with her. She didn’t want her son to sense something was amiss, so she pretended to be delighted at Finnick’s return.

“Honey, have you taken dinner?” asked Finnick nonchalantly as though nothing had happened.

At the thought of Finnick addressing someone else as “honey,” Vivian felt pained.

Yes, he’s calling me “honey” now. What about the others?

He must’ve plenty of “honeys” out there.

Vivian smiled bitterly as she shook her head in response to his question.

The family of three took their seats as dinner was served. Larry reached out and helped Vivian to get her favorite dishes.

Oh? Vivian was stunned. Little pumpkin knows what I like?

Warmth flitted across her heart at her son’s actions.

As Finnick ate his dinner, he spotted the celery in Vivian’s bowl and took it away.

Immediately, Larry scowled at him for taking away the celery he had just given to his mommy.

“Your mommy doesn’t like celery,” explained Finnick.

Confused, Larry looked up and met her gaze.

Vivian nodded albeit reluctantly. She did hate celery, but that was in the past.

As this dish rarely appeared in their household, it was normal for Larry to not know about this.

Finnick glanced at her and shot her a warm grin. Vivian might be mad at Finnick, but she still found him handsome.

Why am I still in love with him?

She chucked the man’s figure out of her mind and continued eating her dinner.

Finnick, who had been watching her all the while, felt amused by her reaction.

He also lowered his gaze and resumed eating.

Just like that, Vivian was imprisoned at home for three days. On the fourth day, she successfully made her escape.

She wanted to see what Finnick was up to and whether he was with Lexi now.

If he was alone, she would continue her observation for a few days. The moment she saw Finnick checking into a hotel with Lexi, she’d depart without hesitation.

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