Never Late, Never Away Chapter 917

Over the past few days, Vivian learned to embrace the truth, but she felt the need to verify it in person.

Although it was all over the newspaper, she refused to believe it. As a journalist, she knew some editors might misrepresent the facts to attract the public’s attention.

More often than not, they would edit the news in their favor. Thus, she decided to make a trip.

After she made her way into the company, she placed her ears on the door of Finnick’s office to eavesdrop on the conversation.

To her surprise, there wasn’t any ongoing conversation. She stepped forward because she thought something was wrong.

Unsure if she had applied too much force or the door wasn’t properly shut— she accidentally fell into his office.

“Argh…” Her mind was all over the place when she saw him.

She was in pain because of the accident that had occurred a few seconds ago.

On the other hand, Finnick wasn’t particularly surprised by her presence. He retrieved a first-aid kit from one of the shelves and started bandaging Vivian’s wound.

As blood gushed out of the wound on her leg, he knew it was crucial to get it bandaged as soon as possible to prevent a scar.

Finnick brought Vivian over to the couch and placed her leg on his lap, sanitizing her wound.

She tried to move away from him because of the racking sensation she felt, but he stopped her.

After he rendered her incapable of motion, he lowered his head and continued bandaging her wound. Tears streamed down her cheeks when she saw the man’s side profile.

Since he has chosen to turn his back against me and have an affair with another woman, why is he taking care of me in such a gentle manner?

Her emotions came flooding out when she thought about it.

As he saw the tears streaming down her leg, he noticed she had burst into tears.

He put the things aside and wiped her tears dry before stuffing his finger into his mouth.

His action had taken her by surprise because she couldn’t figure out the reason he wanted to taste her tears.

Why is he being so gentle?

Staring at the dumbfounded woman, he continued bandaging the wound.

Once he had the wound completely bandaged, he allowed her to move her leg away from him.

As tears were all over her face, he wiped them dry and asked, “Why are you crying?”

Looking elsewhere to avoid the man’s gaze, she replied, “It’s nothing.”

Actually, she couldn’t keep her emotions to herself anymore the moment he started bandaging her wound.

Her mind was all over the place because of his action.

Initially, Vivian planned to leave after verifying Finnick was in a relationship with Lexi.

However, her mind went completely blank because of the current condition.

Should I leave or not? What’s going on between Finnick and Lexi?

She had countless questions in mind, yet no one could possibly answer those. Afraid of being deceived, she refused to confront the man in front of her.

“It’s about time for you to change that door of yours.”

When Vivian felt the tingling sensation coming from the wound on her face, she regretted trying to eavesdrop on Finnick’s conversation.

“It’s about time to recruit a few employees to substitute the current ones as well.”

She recalled no one tried to get in her way when she traveled upstairs just now. Most importantly, no one seemed to notice her attempt of eavesdropping on the president’s conversation when she was right outside his office.

She felt a strong urge to make fun of him and his incompetent staff, but before she could bring it up, she was rendered speechless by his reply.

“If it weren’t because of me, do you think you’re able to make your way up without any hassle? Usually, no one is allowed to approach the office without my consent.”

“W-What do you mean?”

Does that mean it’s all part of his plan? Was he the reason I was able to regain freedom?

Judging by Vivian’s expression, Finnick knew she must have linked all the missing pieces of the puzzles together.

Hence, he nodded, acknowledging the hypothesis she had in mind.

As Vivian had one remaining question, she asked, “How did you figure out I would be making a trip here?”

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