Never Late, Never Away Chapter 918

Had the thought of me heading over to another place never crossed his mind? How could he be so certain I would make a trip to his office?

“Have you forgotten you are my wife?” Finnick answered with a faint smile.

She was unsure of the proper way to carry on with the conversation because she was taken aback by his answer.

Initially, she had given up on him and planned to leave him behind once and for all. However, a few minutes into their conversation, she started opening up to the man again.

She was overwhelmed by a heartwarming sensation because she had always been a sucker for promises of sorts.

On the other hand, in spite of being aware of Vivian’s emotions and helplessness, Finnick chose to remain silent.

He wanted her to make up her mind and figure out her next best course of action on her own.

She would have to decide if she would have faith in him or leave him once and for all.

With that being said, having faith in him was her only option because he would never allow her to leave him.

As she was conscious of his desire, she knew she had no choice but to trust him. Otherwise, she would be forced into submission.

After three minutes of silence, Vivian said, “What’s going on between you and Lexi?”

“It’s you.”


She was stupefied because of his reply. In fact, she thought he had misheard her question. However, when she saw his serious expression, she knew he meant it.

“You’re the one Lexi and I have in our minds.”

In spite of elaborating his words, he knew she was confused.

Hence, he explained, “Lexi hates you, but I love you.”

Vivian was aimlessly walking on the streets. She had forgotten the way she made her way there.

All she could recall was her departure after her conversation with Finnick.

She was in a state of confusion after he assured her he had never turned his back against her. Therefore, she decided to have faith in him for one last time.

Hold on! Is that Finnick and Lexi?

Suddenly, she saw the duo on the streets and started rubbing her eyes in disbelief.

He assured me he had never betrayed me a few minutes ago! Why is he behaving differently again?

She wanted to confront the man, but then someone covered her mouth from behind.

By the time she regained consciousness, she noticed there was a strong shaft of light in front of her.

Where am I?

Clueless about her current whereabouts, she started surveying the surroundings.

When she tried to move her hands to massage her aching head, she noticed her hands were tied together.

Finally, she figured out she had been kidnapped.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t be bothered by her situation at all because she was overwhelmed by Finnick’s behavior.

Why has he lied to me? Has he gotten into an affair with Lexi because of me? Is it because I’m a pathetic loser?

Over the past few days, she had been crying over and over again. But now, albeit being upset, she could no longer cry.

When Vivian moved her hands and tried to run away, she heard a man’s voice.

“Don’t you try anything silly!”

The kidnapper wanted to caress her face, but she inched away from him and glared at him in the eyes.

“Wow! I guess we have a fighter here, huh?” Staring at Vivian, he started teasing her and said, “Give your man a call and get him over to save you immediately!”

Vivian found the kidnapper’s instruction hilarious because she thought Finnick should be having a great time with Lexi.

In other words, she thought he wouldn’t have time to spare, let alone rescue her. Perhaps he wants me dead, doesn’t he?

Vivian chuckled when she thought about it, but the things the kidnapper said next took her by surprise.

“He had been pretending as though he couldn’t be bothered by you because he was afraid of us! He must have thought we’re a bunch of fools! Since you’re the one he cares the most, as long as we get our hands on you, we’re able to torture him!”

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