Never Late, Never Away Chapter 919

Vivian finally figured out the reason behind Finnick’s seemingly absurd behaviors all this while. The bunch of kidnappers was the investors who had suffered a great loss after investing in Finnor Group.

They were there to get their revenge. In order to get the better of Finnick, they kidnapped Vivian because they couldn’t get their hands on him.

They were aware she was the one he cared about the most. Thus, they were certain they could get their revenge by kidnapping her.

Ever since Finnor Group returned to its prime, those who sought revenge had been going after those affiliated with the company. In order to protect Vivian, Finnick had no choice but to resort to such desperate measures.

When she figured out the rationale behind his actions, she stopped holding a grudge against him and felt heartbroken instead.

She was upset he had been dealing with all these on his own, keeping her in the dark.

The kidnapper couldn’t take it anymore. He urged, “Hey! Stop wasting our time and get in touch with him already!”

However, Vivian refused to give in to their request. In spite of being slapped in the face, she stood her ground.

The helpless kidnapper had no choice but to make the call on her behalf. He announced, “Finnick, your wife is here with us! If you want to keep her safe, make your way over on your own at once!”

The kidnapper proceeded to send Finnick the address of their whereabouts. They had no choice but to wait for Finnick.

Meanwhile, Finnick, who was supposed to pretend he was in love with Lexi, ditched her when he heard the bad news. He made his way over to the designated location immediately.

Vivian was in a tight spot—as much as she wanted him to be there for her, she was reluctant to put him at stake.

She was afraid they would force him into submission the moment he showed up.

After she surveyed the surroundings, she noticed there were at least twenty kidnappers there. If Finnick’s here, isn’t he doomed?

Although she secretly hoped he wouldn’t be there, to her surprise, he showed up after fifteen minutes.

Has he been speeding his way here? How did he manage to reach within such a short time?

“Why don’t you name your price? As long as you set my wife free, I’ll give you the things you desire!”

Finnick’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Vivian after he reached the location. He was afraid they would harm her.

Since he was the one they wanted, he was determined to negotiate the terms with them to set her free.

Nonetheless, the kidnappers showed no signs of setting Vivian free because they thought they needed something to keep Finnick at the bay.

All this while, he was conscious of the people keeping their eyes on him, but he couldn’t pinpoint the exact ones.

He had dispatched a lot of people to go after them, but his effort was to no avail. To his surprise, they chose to execute their plan out of the blue.

The kidnapper was irked by his response. He looked at Finnick and said, “How dare you get so full of yourself when you’re the inferior one?”

Finnick cut the small talk and confronted, “What do you guys want?”

He was certain something they needed was under his possession. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go through the hassle of luring him out.

“Hand over Finnor Group to us!”

The kidnapper, who had named their price, refused to move away from Vivian. It turned out they had been plotting to acquire Finnick’s most valuable asset.

“No!” Vivian yelled.

As Finnick had sacrificed a lot to rebuild Finnor Group from scratch, she knew how heartbreaking it would be to have him hand it over to others.

Finnick ignored Vivian and warned the kidnapper, “I’m afraid that’s impossible.”

When they saw his determined look, they knew they wouldn’t be able to achieve their goal.

They were conscious of the consequences of their actions should they make a fuss out of it and murder the defenseless woman.

Thus, they decided to demand something else because they were merely there for their benefit. “If that’s the case, we want a million! On top of that, get on your knees and apologize!”

Those were the things the kidnappers needed to get rid of the grudge they held against him. They ended up with a huge loss, living a miserable life after investing everything they had in Finnor Group.

Finnick was startled when he heard their conditions because he would have to either sacrifice his dignity or his authority for his beloved woman.

“No! Finnick! Please!”

When Vivian heard the condition of the kidnappers, she burst into tears because Finnick had always been a proud man.

Never had he ever been in such an inferior position. Thus, she would never allow him to get down on his knees even if her life was at stake.

“Shut up! Finnick, if you don’t make up your mind, I’m afraid your wife is going to die soon!”

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