Never Late, Never Away Chapter 921

After all, she should be blamed for his injuries—he had ended up as such as she refused to have faith in him. She regretted her decisions, yet there wasn’t much she could do to atone for her sins.

As Vivian had her eyes glued to Finnick on the bed, the nurse knew she was the patient’s family member.

The nurse said, “Please come along with me to settle the bill and collect the prescribed medication for the patient.”

Vivian cast a confused gaze at the nurse, indicating she was reluctant to leave Finnick alone. The nurse was conscious of Vivian’s concerns. She announced, “It’s fine. He’s in good hands with the nurse that will be staying back to take care of him when you’re away with me.”

As there were two nurses in the ward, one of them stayed behind to look after Finnick while Vivian headed over to the counter with the other nurse.

After she settled the bill and retrieved the prescribed medication, she saw a close acquaintance.


Initially, Vivian thought something bad had happened to Noah because she couldn’t figure out the reason he was there. However, she soon recalled his girlfriend was a nurse.

“Mrs. Norton? Why are you in the hospital?”

Similarly, Noah was uncertain if he had gotten the right person when he saw Vivian.

The moment he was certain he hadn’t been hallucinating, he had a bad feeling about it, but he kept his concerns to himself and queried the reason she was there.

Looking in the direction of Finnick’s ward, Vivian explained, “Finnick is in the hospital because he has sustained a serious injury.”

“Mrs. Norton, allow me to return to the ward to check on him with you.”

Noah knew Vivian must be worried about Finnick. Thus, he decided to drop by Finnick’s ward with her.

However, Vivian hesitated because she knew he was there for Ivana. She asked, “Don’t you have to keep Ivana company?”

“It’s fine. Currently, she’s occupied with something else.” Actually, Ivana was the daughter of the director of the hospital.

Although she was merely there because of her interest, unlike most of the wealthy heiress, she took her job seriously. Therefore, she was in the middle of her assigned tasks when Noah brought up the request.

“Come along with me.” Vivian nodded and beckoned Noah to follow her.

On their way back to the ward, they talked about all sorts of things, including Ivana’s characters. Vivian thought Ivana was the perfect match for Noah because she was exceptional in many aspects.

Soon, they reached the entrance of the ward. After another glance at Noah, Vivian opened the door and made her way into the ward.

Finnick, who was on the bed, had his eyes shut tight. Vivian’s heart skipped a beat before glancing at Noah next to him.

“Mr. Norton…” Noah gaped at the presence of a seemingly unconscious Finnick.

Noah couldn’t accept the truth because he had never seen Finnick in such a pathetic state.

“He was injured in an attempt to rescue me from the kidnappers.”

Vivian continued sharing the moments in their lives after his departure with him.

Although he had left them, she was conscious he had always been Finnick’s most loyal aide.

Thus, she stopped holding back and told him everything because it wouldn’t be necessary to keep him in the dark.

“They had come after you to get their revenge?” Noah couldn’t help but lament over the things that had occurred after his departure.

He felt awful for not being there for them when they needed him the most, but it was too late.

Vivian nodded and acknowledged the man’s speculation. The mastermind behind their misfortune was none other than Evelyn.

“Mrs. Norton, I had gathered all sorts of information related to Evelyn over the past few days. I believe I’ll get to the bottom of it soon.”

After pondering all sorts of things, Noah got increasingly confused.

As he would feel bad if he couldn’t be of any help, he decided to go investigate the incident that had occurred in the past.

After Vivian responded with a nod, Noah glanced at the seemingly unconscious Finnick. Since the patient showed no signs of waking up at all, he decided to excuse himself because it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to stay around with Vivian.

She was aware of his concerns. Hence, she smiled and showed him the way out of the ward.

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