Never Late, Never Away Chapter 922

After Vivian showed Noah the way out of the ward, she started wiping Finnick’s hand and face clean using the towel on the table.

As a mysophobic, Finnick would be disgusted by his contaminated face and hand the moment he regained consciousness.

Therefore, she spent some time wiping him clean. By the time she was done, it was already evening.

She left a note on the table before heading downstairs to get herself something to eat because she was afraid Finnick would regain consciousness while she was away.

To her dismay, he had yet to regain consciousness even after she returned.

Noah and Ivana had dropped by countless times, yet they were greeted by an unconscious Finnick as well.

In spite of having her doubts, Vivian stayed by Finnick’s side in anticipation of the man regaining consciousness.

On several occasions, she couldn’t help but wonder if the doctor had lied to her about the man’s condition. Nonetheless, she had faith the injured man would soon regain consciousness.

That particular thought kept her motivated for three months.

Three months later, a man in a set of black formal wear instructed, “I want this document to be redone.”

It was none other than Finnick who had been discharged from the hospital and returned to his position ever since three months ago. He decided to start all over again. In order to prevent being deceived again, he was determined to conduct his due diligence before making a decision.

Finnick deemed his previous failures valuable experiences because he finally learned the proper way to handle different people.

Thus, he didn’t have to go through hell to reestablish a global presence. The company was also acknowledged as one of the top fifty global companies.

After he was informed of the great news, he became increasingly motivated to carry on with his tasks.

While Finnick continued working hard to improve the company’s situation, Vivian had been dealing with Evelyn behind the scenes.

It turned out she had started gathering intel after Noah told her he had gotten his hands on something that could turn Evelyn’s life upside down.

She thought it was about time the one who had ruined their life had a taste of their own medicine.

As she had been hiding behind the scenes for such a long time, she could barely conceal her wrath anymore.

To acquire the things she needed, she dropped by the nursing home in person.

In spite of camping outside the nursing home for a long time, Evelyn was nowhere to be seen.

When Vivian was completely drenched in sweat, instead of being escorted out, Evelyn walked out of the nursing home.

Vivian was completely baffled because it turned out Noah had been telling her the truth all along.

Although Evelyn’s legs had recovered after she returned from Thymion, she kept it a secret from others.

After Vivian found out the truth, she felt frustrated because Finnick had something to do with Evelyn’s injured legs. He did a great job keeping his emotions to himself, but she was certain he must have felt bad and blamed himself.

Since Evelyn’s legs had long recovered, it wouldn’t be necessary for them to tolerate her absurd requests anymore.

When Vivian acquired the information she needed the most, she departed and returned to Finnick’s company.

The staff of the company was conscious of Vivian’s identity as the president’s wife. Thus, they treated her courteously in fear of offending her.

After she reached Finnick’s office, she noticed he had hired another male assistant. Meanwhile, his initial assistant had been promoted to the department manager.

In short, Finnick had gone to great lengths to ensure his staff was treated fairly.

When the assistant saw Vivian closing in, he greeted her. She nodded in return before making his way into Finnick’s office.

“I want every single one of them to be taken into custody.”

She heard Finnick’s voice the moment she stepped into his office because he was in the middle of a call with another person.

“Who are you talking about?” Vivian asked immediately after Finnick hung up the call.

“It’s Mark.” He walked over and cradled her in his arms, placing his head on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong with Mark?” Why is he bringing Mark up out of the blue? Isn’t Mark supposed to be imprisoned?

Vivian thought to herself.

“Do you know the mastermind behind the shift of Finnor Group’s hierarchal structure back in the day? Do you think Evelyn was capable of executing the plan?”

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