Never Late, Never Away Chapter 923

Finnick gritted his teeth in irritation. He was determined to let Mark have a taste of his own medicine soon.

I will return the favor to him and ensure justice is served soon!

“Does that mean…” Vivian had her fair share of doubts, yet she dared not jump to the conclusion.

She was stupefied when he nodded.

Vivian looked at Finnick and asked, “What are you going to do next?”

After all, Mark was Finnick’s relatives. It wouldn’t be wise for him to resort to brutality against him.

Nonetheless, Finnick was determined to let Mark know the consequences of his actions.

“I’ll lodge a police report to get to the bottom of the incident. He will either be sentenced to death or be thrown behind bars for the rest of his life.”

Finnick knew he needed to retaliate against those who try to pick on him should he want to keep his loved ones safe.

As he had learned his lessons after the incident back then, he was determined to prevent another similar misery from occurring.

“Mmm… I guess that’s the best out of the worst possible options.”

Vivian nodded and thought Finnick had made the right decision to plan ahead in order to prevent another unforeseen circumstance.

“Why are you here today?” As Finnick brought her over to the couch, he asked gently and was no longer the indifferent man.

“I’m here to tell you something.”

Since Finnick has made up his mind to deal with Mark after figuring out the truth, I wonder if he’s going to react the same when he figures out the truth about Evelyn?

After much consideration, Vivian decided to share the truth with him.

“Evelyn’s legs have long recovered after returning from Thymion.”

When he heard the news, his eyes flickered, but she wasn’t conscious of the change in his expression because it merely lasted for a few seconds.

“How did you figure this out?”

As someone who had all sorts of connections at his disposal, Finnick was shocked when he heard the news from someone who spent most of her time at home.

Vivian denoted, “Actually, Noah had told me when you were unconscious in the hospital. After I dropped by the nursing home, I saw with my own eyes Evelyn was able to walk just fine.”

“Since you have figured out her whereabouts, why haven’t you lodged a police report?” Finnick asked.

The police had launched a hunt for Evelyn due to the incident that had occurred back in the day. Once Vivian acquired the police officer’s help, Evelyn would have to bear the consequences of her actions.

“I want to consult your opinion before making any rash decision.”

Vivian was at the nursing home because she had but one goal in mind— she was there to verify if Evelyn’s leg had recovered.

After she figured out the truth, she returned to Finnick without thinking much.

After much considerations, Vivian thought it would be better for Evelyn to be convicted as soon as possible.

She suggested, “If that’s the case, let’s drop by the police station and lodge a report tomorrow. I want Evelyn to be taken into custody.”

Otherwise, they might fall victim to her actions again. Perhaps they would have to deal with the aftermath all over again.


Finnick nodded and agreed because he didn’t have anything else on his schedule.

After they reached home, Larry catapulted in the direction of Vivian after he saw her.

When Larry craned over and noticed Finnick was nowhere to be seen behind Vivian, he asked, “Mommy, you’re back! Where’s Daddy?”

Larry started behaving differently as compared to three months ago— he had grown fond of Finnick.

Actually, Larry was frustrated because of the desperate measures Finnick had taken to keep them safe.

He once thought Finnick had mistreated Vivian for his own sake.

Larry was conscious of the things Finnick had done for Vivian’s sake, but he wasn’t sure if he was in a position to meddle with their affair.

After he dropped by the hospital and eavesdropped on the conversation between Finnick and Vivian, he figured out the truth behind everything.

In the end, he burst into tears and admitted his fault, begging for forgiveness.

“Daddy, it turns out I have misunderstood you all along! I can’t believe you have been mistreating Mommy just to keep her safe!” All along, Larry was dejected because of his parents’ complicated relationship.

He was glad to figure out those were nothing but an act and had grown fond of Finnick ever since they sorted out the misunderstanding.

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