Never Late, Never Away Chapter 924

Since Finnick hadn’t made his way back with Vivian, Larry started asking Finnick’s whereabouts again.

“Daddy is in the middle of something. He’ll be back soon.”

Actually, after departing from Finnick’s office, Vivian headed elsewhere for a walk before making her way back.

She was unsure of the reason behind Finnick’s delayed return.

Upon a simple glance at the time, she thought he must be trying to sort out the things on his schedule to prepare for their trip to the police station tomorrow.

As Finnick was nowhere to be seen after she finished her meal with Larry, she called the man.

“What’s wrong?”

Finnick’s exhausted voice could be heard when he answered the phone.

Vivian asked, “Why aren’t you home yet?”

“I’m five minutes away from home.”

She nodded and hung up the call after she heard his reply.

Indeed, he showed up after a short while, but their son had fallen asleep by then.

“What’s taking you so long?” Vivian looked at Finnick with her brows furrowed in confusion.

He had never been home so late in the evening. Therefore, she couldn’t figure out the reason she was late.

“It was Mark. He was trying to invade the company again. I need to take him out as soon as possible to save me the trouble of dealing with him repetitively.”

Finnick couldn’t stand Mark’s behavior anymore. The man refused to behave himself even when he was imprisoned.

As Finnick was determined to teach Mark a lesson, he was late because it took him some time to devise the plan.

“Mmm… It’s getting late. You should call it a day.” When Vivian heard him, she felt bad because he had to deal with so many things on his own.

She found herself useless because she couldn’t be of much help.

Perhaps Finnick was aware of Vivian’s emotions, he wrapped his arms around Vivian and assured her everything would be fine.

In the end, she fell asleep in between his arms.

By the time she woke in the morning, she saw the man preparing their breakfast.

Usually, the duo would get up at the same time. However, Finnick woke up earlier than her and made breakfast for them.

Isn’t he tired?

She had her concerns, but she decided to stop overthinking things when she saw the man’s energetic look.

As a fellow adult, Finnick knew his physical condition better than others. Thus, it would be wise for her to stop poking her nose into his business.

“Come over and join me for breakfast!”

After he had the meal served, he looked at Vivian with his eyes full of expectation.

It was the first time he tried cooking something of sorts.

As he wasn’t sure if he had done a great job, he needed to figure it out through Vivian’s response.

“Mmm! It’s so delicious!”

After Vivian had a mouthful, she noticed it was better than the ordinary breakfast he made. Finnick’s culinary skills seemed to have improved once again.

“Really? Can you promise me to finish everything?”

Finnick pinched Vivian’s nose before returning to his seat to savor his meal.

After she finished her meal, he instructed her to get herself ready because they were about to head out.

“Shall we get going and check on Evelyn? If she’s around, we’ll head over to the police station and lodge a report immediately.”

As an adult, Evelyn could wander off everywhere. Therefore, if she weren’t in the nursing home, the duo would be wasting the police officers’ time.

“Let’s get going!”

After Vivian had everything ready, she wrapped her arm around Finnick’s arm and made their way out.

Since they would have a jam-packed day, she had a white shirt and a pair of jeans on.

Although it was a relatively simple set of outfits, Finnick was completely charmed because it couldn’t conceal her busty figure at all.

“What is Evelyn doing there?” Vivian couldn’t figure out the reason Evelyn was in the nursing home when the latter held a grudge against Rachel.

“It’s because she’s running out of money.”

Finnick’s reply seemed to make sense, yet Vivian thought that wasn’t the case because Evelyn had always been a proud woman.

In other words, she would never succumb to poverty and stay with her mother.

Although Vivian was in a state of bewilderment, she decided to keep her queries to herself.

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