Never Late, Never Away Chapter 925

Looking out the window, Vivian was unsure of the reason she got increasingly anxious as they were on their way to the nursing home.

She couldn’t foresee the things that would be in store for them soon. To be precise, she wondered if they could send Evelyn behind bars.

In short, her mind was all over the place and she had a hard time keeping herself calm.

As they were about to reach their destination, they headed over and parked the car in a nearby parking lot before alighting from the ride.

Finnick had always been a detail-oriented man. Therefore, Vivian was conscious of the reason he had parked his car at a nearby parking lot.

Should they park the car at the designated parking lots for the visitors of the nursing home, they might risk alarming their target.

As they slowly approached the nursing home, they saw all sorts of people, yet Evelyn was nowhere to be seen.

After camping for a short while, Evelyn showed up and walked out of the nursing home.

When Vivian and Finnick saw Evelyn walking around, their hearts started racing for different reasons.

It was the first time in forever Finnick had to scurry his way around as though he was a thief.

Meanwhile, Vivian was overwhelmed by emotions because she could finally throw Evelyn behind bars for the things she did.

Unfortunately, as Vivian and Finnick were right next to the entrance, they ran out of place to hide.

Consequently, Evelyn saw them because she was about to walk out of the entrance.

Vivian placed her arms behind her back and glanced at Finnick before looking at Evelyn in the eyes in anticipation of the vicious woman’s response.

Initially, Evelyn wasn’t aware Finnick and Vivian were right in front of her, but it only took her a few seconds to register their presence.

“Finnick? Are you here for me? Have you changed your mind? Are you going to file for divorce with this b*tch and return to me?”

Evelyn got pumped up when she saw the man she had been missing in front of her. When she rushed over to hold Finnick in the arms, he inched away.

As a result, Evelyn staggered and fell to the ground.

Vivian felt a strong urge to laugh, yet she resisted it.

Evelyn caught Vivian suppressing her urge to laugh as she brought herself up.

She narrowed her eyes to a slit and yelled hysterically, “Who do you think you are to laugh at me? Why would your man be here if you’re better than me?”

Vivian responded with a frown because she thought something was wrong with Evelyn.

Is it because it has been some time since our last encounter? What’s wrong with Evelyn’s personality?

Why does she seem so much more open-minded? Is she overreacting because she has been missing Finnick?

Nonetheless, Vivian, who was equally irked by Evelyn’s presence, couldn’t be bothered by the reasons behind her odd behaviors.

She scowled at Evelyn and sarcastically remarked, “I guess you have gotten better with your words after all this while, huh?”

To her surprise, Evelyn ignored her and approached Finnick instead. She greeted him with her eyes brimming with tears, “Finnick, it has been such a long time! Do you miss me?”

Evelyn’s eyes gleamed in anticipation of his reply. Finnick would definitely nod in return if he weren’t conscious of her true colors.

However, he wasn’t the man he used to be. After figuring out her true colors, he would no longer be deceived by the seemingly innocent woman anymore.

“No.” As he replied, he looked at her in the eyes and noticed a hint of brutality he failed to notice back in the day.

“Why? It has been such a long time! I’m sure you miss me!” Evelyn shook her head when she heard his reply. She refused to accept the truth.

Vivian sized Evelyn up and thought something must be wrong with the latter’s mind.

She looked at the man next to her in the eyes and signaled him she had something in mind.

Pretending as though she wasn’t aware Evelyn’s leg had long recovered, Vivian asked, “We’re here because we want you to tell us the truth! Oh! What about your legs? Since when you have recovered?”

Evelyn gaped at Vivian’s question. She said, “My legs are able to recover no thanks to you! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to recover in such a short time!”

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