Never Late, Never Away Chapter 926

Evelyn was forced to travel abroad because of Vivian. If it weren’t because of the trip, she wouldn’t get to heal her legs either.

Initially, she wanted to keep it a secret from everyone, but she decided to reveal it since she was busted in front of others.

After Evelyn yelled at Vivian, she cast a gentle gaze at Finnick and announced, “See! Why don’t you return to me since my legs have recovered? I have been waiting for you all this while!”

If he hadn’t been around during the confrontation a few minutes ago, he might be deceived by Evelyn’s seemingly flawless act again.

Finnick was utterly disgusted by her superficial remarks.

He rebuked, “You have been waiting for me? Is that the reason you have collaborated with Mark to turn my company upside down? Is that the reason you have ruined the life of my loved ones? How could you do these to me if you truly loved me?”

Evelyn felt a heart-wrenching sensation when she heard Finnick’s reply.

Once again, she yelled hysterically, “Do you guys think I love Finnick because of his fame and wealth? No! I’m going to prove everyone wrong because I love him and everything about him!”

Vivian found Evelyn’s declaration of affection odd because it was the complete opposite of hers.

She wouldn’t mind staying away from her loved ones if that would allow the other party to live a blissful life. All she needed was the other party’s happiness.

On the other hand, Evelyn was the complete opposite— she would resort to extreme countermeasures to keep the person she loved by her side.

She couldn’t be bothered by the consequences of her actions at all even if it meant being thrown behind bars.

As Evelyn had lost her mind, Vivian thought it wouldn’t be necessary to send her to prison. Instead, the lunatic needed medical attention from the psychiatrist.

“I’m pretty sure she has lost her mind.”

Finnick was rendered speechless by Evelyn’s words. He kept silent as the women engaged in another round of confrontation.

“Ha! Me? A lunatic? Are you sure you’re not just jealous of me because you’re not as affectionate toward Finnick as I am? Vivian, I’m conscious of the petty schemes in your mind, but I’ll do you a favor and keep the secret to save you from being humiliated!”

Evelyn’s statement made her seem as though she was flawless and superior to others. In actual fact, she had merely deprecated others to compliment her presence.

As a result, Vivian decided to stop wasting her time with Evelyn and hand her over to the police to have them decide on her fate.

Before the idea of sending Evelyn to the psychiatrist hospital crossed Vivian’s mind, she had long dropped the police officer a text.

No one, including Finnick, was aware of the things she had done because her hands were behind her back all along.

However, Finnick figured out the things she was up to the moment she looked at him in the eyes.

“Why don’t you follow us to the police station? It’s about time to put an end to the saga!”

Evelyn took a step back and shook her head vigorously when she heard Finnick’s suggestion.

“You can’t throw me behind bars, Finnick! I love you so much! Why are you sending me to the cops? No! I don’t want to go to jail!”

Evelyn couldn’t take it anymore because the man she loved wholeheartedly suggested throwing her behind bars. Worst of all, he had another woman he deemed his wife by her side when he brought up the suggestion.

“Hahaha! Do you really think you’re able to threaten me? Actually, I have planted bombs everywhere the day I saw Vivian dropping by the nursing home! If that’s the case, let’s all head to hell together!”

Vivian, who was about to say something else, was taken aback by Evelyn’s hysterical laugh.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard there were bombs everywhere.

If Evelyn was aware of my presence, why hadn’t she fled? Is she being hopeful, or is she trying to bring upon my demise?

Vivian had a hard time figuring out the rationale behind Evelyn’s actions.

In the end, she decided to pay no heed to them and suggested, “No! Let’s talk about it!”

Finnick wasn’t afraid at all. He stepped forward and cradled the slightly anxious Vivian in his arms before the duo engaged in another conversation.

“Hahaha! Are you afraid now? Why weren’t you intimidated when you said you would send me to jail?”

Once the police officers reached the scene, they would be saved. Therefore, she needed someone to stall the agitated woman for some time.

Vivian wouldn’t mind leaving the rest to Finnick as long as his interaction with her could keep them safe. When Finnick caught a glimpse of Vivian’s expression, he knew the plan she had in mind. Thus, he said, “Evelyn, please calm down and listen to me.”

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