Never Late, Never Away Chapter 927

However, Evelyn didn’t calm down even after Finnick had finished speaking. In fact, she became all the more worked up. Her hand shot out, and she yanked a string that had been concealed very well in the ground. At the next moment, a bang sounded, and an explosion ripped through the air.

The place was relatively quiet, so there probably wouldn’t be any traces of the three of them if it weren’t for the dust flying in the air. As Vivian and Finnick staggered up, they coughed violently as the dust particles in the air invaded their nostrils.

Fortunately, they were both fine because there was a big hole behind them. When Evelyn pulled the string, Finnick had swiftly jumped into the hole while dragging Vivian along.

While he sustained some injuries on his back, they were merely superficial. On the whole, he was fine.

However, when they darted their gazes around in search of Evelyn, there was no sign of her. Evelyn had vanished without a trace again. Vivian shook her head regretfully as helplessness engulfed her. Argh! The plan was on the brink of success, but now, it’s all ruined! After the police arrived, they searched the vicinity for Evelyn but to no avail.

Vivian and Finnick went back home after following the police to the police station again to have their statements taken.

The first thing Vivian did when they got home was to go upstairs and get the first-aid kit. Although Finnick’s injuries were mere grazes, they had to be treated nonetheless.

After all, the consequences would be inconceivable if the wound were to become infected.

Lifting the back of his shirt lightly, Vivian was so distressed when she saw the dried blood on his back that she instinctively reached out to touch it.

But at the thought that it would hurt him, she took out the necessary items before she started washing and bandaging his wound.

In no time, she finished doing all that. Subsequently, Finnick turned around and stared at her.

“Did you sustain any injuries?” He couldn’t see any injuries at first glance, but he was still worried that she might have some hidden injuries beneath her clothes.

If an injury isn’t discovered in time, it’ll leave a long-term sequela!

“Hmm… none that I know of at this moment.”

Vivian moved her limbs, but she didn’t feel any part of her hurting.

At that, Finnick nodded. After ensuring that he wouldn’t lean back against the sofa, he reached out and hugged her.

“Alright. Never mind if we didn’t manage to catch her this time. We’ll definitely succeed one day.”

He knew that she was currently feeling a tad dejected, but apart from catching Evelyn personally, the only thing he could do was to comfort her.

No matter what, I’ll definitely find her and bring her to justice!

Then, he rested his head on hers and closed his eyes in contemplation.

“Let’s get married, Vivian.”

He reckoned that there wasn’t anything that could stand in their way now; Evelyn couldn’t possibly make trouble again in the near future, while Mark would be executed very soon.

In that case, we can get married and live happily as husband and wife.

“What… did you just say? Get married?”

Vivian gaped at him in astonishment. Weren’t we talking about Evelyn? Why did the subject shift so quickly, and we’re now speaking of marriage?

As shock held her captive, she stared at him with wide eyes.

“Yup. Will you marry me?”

Finnick took out the ring that he had prepared a long time ago before going down on one knee, looking up at her.

The utter sincerity in his eyes almost had tears escaping Vivian’s eyes, but she held them back.


She nodded in agreement. As she gazed at the dazzling ring on her finger, euphoria bloomed within her. Although we didn’t catch Evelyn today, Finnick proposed to me! So today is still considered a happy day.

Meanwhile, warmth suffused Finnick as he looked at her sweet smile. I’ve waited for a long time to marry her again, and now, my wish has finally come true!

Early the next morning, Vivian spotted a note on the table, on which Finnick wrote that she was to phone him when she woke up.

Chuckling, she then made the call. “Hello. Where are you?”

“I’m at… the Civil Affairs Bureau.” Upon hearing this, a sense of familiarity niggled at her.

Back then, they met the second time at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Immediately after, they registered their marriage. So is he trying to say that…

While she was still hazarding a guess, Finnick said, “Remember to bring the money you owe me and your identification document.”

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