Never Late, Never Away Chapter 928

Upon hearing Finnick’s words, Vivian instantly burst into laughter.

He’s truly hilarious to combine the scene when we first registered our marriage with the present.

After agreeing to his request, she promptly got out of bed and washed up. Today is the day we’re going to get married, so I’ve got to doll up!

She put on her favorite purple dress before driving the car out of the garage.

But at this very moment, Larry called out to her.

“Mommy… where are you going?” the groggy boy asked in puzzlement when he saw her in such a hurry.

“Your daddy and I are going to register our marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau today, so you stay at home and be good, okay?”

After saying that, Vivian stepped forward and patted his head.

Without waiting for him to reply, she then dashed out because she knew that the housemaid at home would take care of him. Larry, on the other hand, jolted fully awake after she had patted him. By then, however, she was nowhere to be seen.

Shaking his head in exasperation, he went back upstairs and plopped down on the bed to continue sleeping.

It was thirty minutes later when Vivian arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The moment she glimpsed the purple necktie around Finnick’s neck, her lips curved into a warm smile.

Likewise, Finnick smiled tenderly when he saw the purple dress she was wearing.

He only wore a purple necktie because he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would wear this purple dress. It looks like I got it right.

“Good morning, Honey.” Finnick stepped forward and hugged her tightly. As he did so, his nostrils were filled with her fresh and sweet fragrance.

A sudden burst of joy flooded him for some inexplicable reason.

Could it be because I’ve got a beauty right here in my arms?

“Alright, let’s go in.” Vivian pushed him away when he showed no sign of letting her go. Then, she took his arm and starting heading into the building.

“Are you that impatient?”

After Finnick teased her for a bit, they had their pictures taken.

Having gone through a round of formal procedures, the two of them held a marriage certificate in their hands respectively.

As they looked at the marriage certificate in the other’s hand, their faces glowed with happiness. After so many years, our wish has finally come true, and we’re now married.

Getting married was something that could be done in the blink of an eye, but putting in the effort to ensure that the marriage certificate never became a piece of trash was a matter of a lifetime.

The two of them stared into each other’s eyes, believing that both of them would love each other and be together until death did them part.

Finnick took a step toward Vivian. Then, he pressed his lips against her petite ones and kissed her passionately.

This was something he had waited for an eternity.

Previously, they couldn’t get married due to various reasons, but now, they had overcome everything and returned to the spot where they had their second encounter, reliving the moment once again.

As passion blazed between them, Vivian pushed Finnick away as a slightly mocking smile played on her lips.

“Earlier, you razzed me for being impatient, but aren’t you all the more impatient right now?”

Upon hearing this, Finnick hugged her around the waist and whispered something in her ear that had her face flaming bright red instantly, “Indeed, I’m impatient. I can’t wait to have you.”

When they both returned home, Larry could tell that they were in exceedingly high spirits from the expressions on their faces.

He trudged forward and stretched out a hand at Vivian. Taken aback, Vivian looked at Finnick with puzzlement.

“Since you’re married, you’ve got to give me a small token, no?”

Eyeing his silly parents with a contemptuous expression, Larry continued holding his hand out.


Vivian slapped his hand lightly. Then, she changed her shoes and plopped down onto the sofa.

“Mommy, you can’t pick on me like this.” Larry’s aggrieved expression had the entire family’s laughter echoing in the living room.

Since they had gotten married, the normal flow of things would be a wedding next. Thus, Finnick was occupied every day, making arrangements for the wedding.

During this period, Mark’s sentence had been decided. After the judiciary’s ruling, he was convicted for his recent crime, so it was added to his list of crimes. And so, the final verdict was execution.

When Finnick learned of the sentence, he nodded calmly. He had expected this, for Mark had committed a litany of evil deeds. Hence, he would be punished for his crimes without Finnick having to mete out justice.

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