Never Late, Never Away Chapter 929

Since Finnick had his hands full with the wedding, he merely gave it a cursory glance without saying anything else. Everything was now ready, and the only thing left was to wait for Vivian to choose a suitable wedding plan.

The wedding plans were designed by professionals, so they were of top-notch quality.

Vivian chose a plan that was relatively traditional yet very much romantic. Coincidentally, Finnick favored this plan as well, so they decided on that.

“What? We’re having the wedding in a week?” Vivian was entirely stunned when she learned about this decision of Finnick’s.

Who on earth holds a wedding right after getting married? As Finnick looked at Vivian who was in a daze, he chuckled and pinched her cheek. “It’s fine. There’s quite a lot of time to get everything done,” he reassured.

Upon hearing that, Vivian couldn’t help rolling her eyes. In the remaining one week, she chose her wedding gown, got her wedding photos taken, chose a photographer, and did everything else that had to be done.

All that kept Vivian on the trot.

It was only on the night before the wedding that she felt more relaxed.

But when she remembered that the wedding was tomorrow, nerves swamped her again.

All at once, she panicked. After all, this was her first time being a bride, and the same went for Finnick as a groom. While they had been together for a very long time, a wedding was a solemn affair.

No one knew about the anxiety that had taken Vivian captive, not even Finnick, who was languidly reading a book.

Hmm? Why is he so relaxed? This is his first time getting married as well, and yet he isn’t nervous at all?

She posed this question to him, but he answered that he had the entire flow of the wedding in his control. After hearing this, her anxiousness receded.

At the end of the day, I know the entire flow and have even rehearsed with him. So why should I still be nervous?

At the thought of this, Vivian closed her eyes and dozed off.

For the first time in her life, she fell asleep in self-consolation, amusing Finnick greatly.

“Honey, it’s time to wake up.”

Ugh! How noisy!

“Honey, today is an important day.”

While deep in sleep, Vivian vaguely heard someone calling out to her time and again beside her ear. In an instant, irritation inundated her.


The voice sounded increasingly nearer, seemingly whispering right into her ear.

“Honey, we’re having our wedding today.”

The moment Vivian heard this, she immediately bolted upright in bed. Oh yes, it’s our wedding today!

As realization struck, she swiftly jumped out of bed and frantically looked for her clothes in the room.

This scene had Finnick feeling utterly exasperated.

“Are you trying your hand at streaking, Honey?”

Hearing this, Vivian instinctively glanced at her body, only to see that she only had her panties on.

Immediately, she was so mortified that she didn’t even know what to say, merely staring as Finnick walked up to her with a bra.

“Here. You’re welcome, Honey.”

After saying that, Finnick went into the bathroom and started washing up.

Meanwhile, Vivian was left alone in the room with her chaotic thoughts.

Snapping back to her senses after a while, she rushed forward and burrowed under the covers at the realization that she had done something so foolish. Gah! I’m so mortified!

Unexpectedly, when Finnick was done washing up, he found her asleep again. Exasperated, he stepped forward and grabbed the edge of her clothes. After waking her up, he dragged her into the bathroom to wash up.

Despite his seemingly rough ways, he was actually very gentle throughout it all. He loved her, after all, so he took the utmost care not to hurt her in any way.

Thankfully, despite the hilarious episode early in the morning, there were no major snags. Very quickly, Vivian was dressed in the wedding gown with her makeup done. When she saw Finnick standing together with Larry, she found them an incredibly adorable sight.

After they had gotten ready, they left the house. Upon arriving at the church, the pews were already filled with guests.

The two of them then took their places at the altar, one after another. In the end, a beautiful and unforgettable wedding finally concluded without a hitch.

When the words “let’s celebrate the newly-married couple” fell, Vivian felt the weight that had been on her shoulders lifted at once.

After the wedding ceremony, Finnick dragged Vivian into the room to rest, with Larry trailing behind them.

Meanwhile, the guests outside ate and chatted. Some of them even started dancing.

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