Never Late, Never Away Chapter 930

They invited a lot of guests today, and all their friends, as well as acquaintances, stood witness to the wedding.

When the magazine company’s employees learned of Vivian’s true identity, they were all dumbfounded. Dang it! If we’d known that she’s the president’s wife, we definitely would’ve ingratiated ourselves with her!

Vivian, Finnick, and Larry were all resting in the room, while the guests partied outside. On the whole, the wedding was perfect without a single flaw.

At night, when everyone took their leave, Vivian made a shocking discovery.

Oh my God! Ben is with Paris, and he even intends to drive her home?

After noticing this, she fell into a trance. Never had I thought that love would finally bloom for this aloof man!

“What are you so happy about?” Finnick inquired.

He walked over to her upon seeing her smiling so exuberantly while staring into the distance.

Tonight is our wedding night, and people say that every second is priceless. Why is my wife wearing a silly smile here?

“My brother and Paris.” After answering him briefly, the three of them went home.

When they arrived home, Vivian tucked Larry in. Since it was a hectic day, Larry was indeed exhausted, so he fell asleep in no time.

After he had dozed off, Vivian went back to her own room. However, the moment she stepped into the pitch-black room, she was pinned by a dark figure. At the next moment, she felt a tingling sensation on her neck, clueing her in that it was Finnick.

As time ticked by, Finnick grew bolder and even moved his mouth to her breasts. Feeling restless, Vivian wanted to push him away, but that only made him take things further. He yanked off Vivian’s clothes and started making out with her fervently. It’s been eight years, and we’re finally married! The agonizing wait has come to fruition. At long last, we’re now husband and wife!

Finnick was in seventh heaven, and Vivian was over the moon as well. She then started moving to his rhythm.

The entire night was spent in a bout of passion. It was only at the crack of dawn did they flop onto the bed and fall into slumber.

As they were newly wedded, bliss engulfed both Vivian and Finnick when they woke up the next day.

So this is what true happiness feels like!

“Good morning, my beloved wife.”

Now, Finnick could justifiably call Vivian his wife since they were married.

“Good morning, Hubby,” Vivian greeted sweetly, making Finnick feel as though he was on top of the world. In the past, she had been calling him by name, but now that they were married, she addressed him as “Hubby” instead.

Knock, knock, knock. Just then, three knocks sounded on the door. Finnick got out of bed and opened the door, only to be greeted by Larry.

“Little pumpkin?” Surprised inundated Vivian. Why would he come over at this time?

It turned out that Larry came to wish them a happy marriage. Paris taught him this, and he put it to practice today.

When Vivian and Finnick heard this, they both wore bright smiles on their faces.

Little pumpkin is such a good kid. He even thought of coming here to wish us good morning the day right after our wedding.

“Good morning, little pumpkin.” After Vivian responded to him, Larry closed the door and left. As Finnick stood by the door, amusement tugged at him when he glimpsed Larry’s expression. When did my son become so impish?

“Alright, let’s get out of bed.” After all, Vivian had to go to work today.

Although newly-wedded couples went on a honeymoon after getting married, it didn’t apply to people like Vivian and Finnick, who had been together for many years.

At this point in time, work took precedence for them.

When Vivian arrived at the office, everyone looked at her strangely. Even after she had sat down at her desk, their gazes were still fixed on her.

Only Paris treated her in the usual manner because she had long since known about her identity.

“Hey, Paris!” Vivian abruptly recalled the observation she made yesterday, so she wanted to ask her what was actually going on between her and Benedict.

“Good morning, Vivian,” Paris greeted with a smile as she glanced at her.

“Have you gotten together with my brother?” Vivian cut right to the chase.

“Huh? Benedict merely drove me home.”

A trace of surprise manifested on Paris’ face when Vivian asked about Benedict, but it was then quickly replaced by bashfulness.

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