Never Late, Never Away Chapter 931

Upon seeing such an expression on Paris’ face, Vivian instinctively knew that something must have happened.

“Tell me the truth, and I’ll let you off. But if you don’t confess, you’re going to get it from me,” Vivian threatened while pointing the tip of a pen, which she had snagged from the table, at Paris.

“Hey, hey, calm down. I’ll talk, I’ll talk.”

Paris was rather unnerved when she saw Vivian’s stance. Thus, she could only relent and tell her the entire story.

When Paris and Benedict met at the wedding banquet last night, they merely exchanged a few words without anything special happening then.

It was only when the wedding banquet drew to an end that Benedict offered to drive Paris home. Paris had feelings for Benedict, so she accepted the offer.

Hence, the two of them got into the car together.

“Is this your house?” Benedict was a tad uncertain when he saw the dilapidated state of Paris’ house.

His gentlemanly nature didn’t allow him to utter such a question, but in the end, he still blurted it out of concern. Surprisingly, Paris didn’t appear to feel inferior at all. Instead, she even nodded in gratification. Upon seeing this, Benedict commended her inwardly. She’s quite an admirable girl; cheerful, sensible, and humble.

“Wow! That’s great!”

Vivian patted Paris’ arm in delight after listening to her narration of the events. She makes a good match with Ben. While Ben isn’t a homebody, she is. And he spends lavishly, yet she is the exact opposite. There are many aspects in which they complement each other, but also plenty in which they’re alike. In this case, it’ll be perfect for them to get together!

As she mused, her mind automatically supplied her with images of Paris and Benedict living together after the two of them had gotten married.

Ah, just the thought of it feels sweet and romantic!

“Paris, let me ask you a serious question. Do you like Benedict?”

If she does, I’ll ask Ben what he thinks about her. I don’t mind being the matchmaker if they like each other. Well, I just hope they don’t forget me when they tie the knot.

It was the first time Paris had ever seen Vivian asking her something so seriously, and she unwittingly turned solemn as well.


That single word was coupled with a sincere gaze, proving that Paris was indeed speaking the truth. Moreover, Paris was a great person, so Charlotte didn’t want to see Ben missing out on her.

“Haha, that’s great, then! Don’t worry. I’ll help you.”

Vivian never expected her brother to be capable of attracting such a wonderful girl. For the first time, she felt that he wasn’t completely hopeless when it came to relationships.

“How are you going to help me, Vivian?” A bolt of panic assailed Paris the moment she heard that.

What is she planning to do? How does she want to help me?

All those questions lingered in her mind, and she simply felt restless without voicing them out.

“Of course I’m going to pair the two of you off!” Vivian threw Paris a look. Then, she started on her work.

Although she arrived early today, she had chatted for a while, so it was already fifteen minutes past the time she should have started work.

While no one would dare utter a single word since she was the president’s wife, it was still better not to invite criticism.

Seeing that Vivian wasn’t planning to continue speaking about her plan, she shook her head and buried herself in work.

The morning went past in the blink of an eye. Vivian then texted Benedict and invited him to lunch.

She actually wanted to bring Paris along, but she didn’t know how Benedict felt about her, so she decided to ask him about it before planning her next move.

She texted: Let’s have lunch together, Ben. I sent you the location.

Just a few moments after she had sent it out, Benedict promptly replied with a single word: Okay.

Vivian then packed her things and headed to the agreed-upon restaurant.

Before she left, she even bid Paris farewell. This had a feeling of dread welling within Paris.

However, she reckoned she was overthinking, so she didn’t say anything, merely waving at Vivian with a smile.

The restaurant at which Vivian made a reservation was right below her office. After all, it was convenient for her since she didn’t have to drive there and rush back later.

Exasperated flooded Benedict upon seeing the choice of venue, but she was his sister at the end of the day, so he had no choice but to indulge her.

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