Never Late, Never Away Chapter 932

When Vivian went down, Benedict had already arrived. Knowing that she was about to be lectured again, she rolled her eyes before heading in Benedict’s direction.

As expected, Benedict started criticizing her. And once he began his tirade, it took a long time before he finally stopped.

Although he was an aloof president at the office, he became a nag when he was with someone close to him. Vivian, in particular, had experienced this side of him time and again.

“Look at your attitude. We’re meeting right below your office, yet you still kept me waiting. And look, you even chose a restaurant in your office building to have lunch with me. Is there no other restaurant in this city? Also, why are you already asking me out to grouse when you only got married yesterday?”

And it went on and on.

At long last, Vivian placed her hand over her mouth and coughed lightly to put a stop to his lecture.

“What’s wrong? Do you have a sore throat?”

Benedict stopped short when he heard her coughing. He wanted to beckon a server over, but Vivian cut him off, griping, “Argh! Ben, I get a headache every time I meet you.”

Vivian was familiar with her brother’s temperament, so she dared to speak so impudently. After all, she knew that he wouldn’t be offended.

“Fine, fine. I’ll stop nagging you. Well? Why did you ask me out?”

Benedict looked at her affectionately as he sat there and awaited her answer.

However, Vivian ordered some food and had him doing the same before she started speaking.

“I’ve got a question for you, Ben. You must answer me seriously, okay?”

She was afraid that he would reply in a joking manner, so she made it clear that it was a serious question in advance.

“Okay.” Benedict became serious as well.

“Do you like Paris?” Vivian stared him right in the eye while waiting for his answer.

“Paris Houston?” Benedict was a tad stupefied. Why is she bringing up Paris Houston?

Vivian nodded as she continued staring at him.

“How should I put this? I can’t say I have a crush on her, but I think she’s really a nice girl. If possible, we could try going out on a date.”

In truth, Benedict had always been waiting for someone like Paris.

While his wait had finally borne fruit, they had only met twice, so it was neither here nor there. Thus, he would only be able to give a definite answer when they had both interacted for some time.

He wasn’t the kind of person who would easily give a promise when it came to relationships, so he could only say that he wasn’t averse to taking the relationship further.

Nonetheless, Vivian was ecstatic upon hearing his answer. She had thought that he would say no, but to her surprise, he had actually admitted that he wouldn’t mind dating her, so things were looking very promising.

After obtaining this answer, Vivian was in an exceedingly good mood throughout the entire meal.

It’s good that I can play matchmaker for my own brother!

“What happened? Why did you suddenly ask this?” Benedict questioned after they had finished lunch.

After all, both Vivian and Benedict were the kind of people who adhered to the rule of “no talking while eating.”

To them, it was basic manners to keep quiet while eating.

“Because Paris likes you. So, I’m planning to play matchmaker!” Vivian replied truthfully because she knew that her brother would be able to tell even if she hadn’t said anything considering his intelligence and shrewdness.

“I see. So this is why you asked me out today, huh?”

As soon as Benedict heard her answer, he instantly knew her main intention of meeting with him today.

“Hehe, I’ll be leaving first, Ben.” Glancing at the watch on her wrist, Vivian saw that it was almost time to get back to work.

Hence, she had to hurry back to the office now.

“Slow down,” Benedict urged, reminding her to be careful upon seeing her sprinting away.

It’ll be bad if she falls down.

“Okay!” Vivian hollered. In the next moment, she had already vanished from his sight.

Just when Benedict was planning to leave, he realized that no one had footed the bill yet.

Only then did he realize that Vivian had a twofold reason for asking him out today—to ask him that question earlier and to get a free meal out of him.

Ultimately, such a little scheme was a piece of cake for him to discern.

After paying, he left the restaurant.

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