Never Late, Never Away Chapter 933

When Vivian arrived back at the office, she plopped onto her chair and stared at Paris, who was still working. She said nothing as she contemplated how she should pair them off.

Sensing her gaze, Paris lifted her head, only to see that Vivian was staring at her intently as though trying to see through her.

“What are you doing, Vivian?” Paris called her out in a tactful remonstration, signaling her not to stare at her in such a manner.

“Nothing. I had lunch with my brother today.”

Puzzlement swamped Vivian when she didn’t notice any reaction from Paris after having said that.

Shouldn’t she be jealous if she really likes him? Why is she so calm and unruffled?

She then blurted out those questions, but unexpectedly, Paris simply countered by saying, “Why should I be jealous when you’re his sister?”

Hearing this, Vivian was left with no retort. After pondering for a moment, she asked, “Aren’t you curious about what my brother and I talked about?

“That’s your private life.”

Fine, then. You win!

A sense of exasperation welled up within her at Paris’ response. It’s tough to talk to a naive person.

She scratched her head, still trying to figure out how to pair Benedict and Paris off.

Shortly after, an excellent idea occurred to her.

However, she felt that the idea had a flaw, so she tried coming up with another idea.

Throughout the entire afternoon, Vivian’s mind whirred like lightning as she racked her brains for a solution.

Nevertheless, she simply couldn’t think of any good ideas.

It was only when she went home at night and told Finnick about this matter did he give her a marvelous idea.

“We haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet, no? Although we’ve been together for a long time, a honeymoon is still imperative. We can leave little pumpkin with Ben, and Paris is his tutor, so…”

Finnick didn’t explain the entirety of his suggestion, trailing off halfway. Despite that, Vivian already understood most of what followed, and she couldn’t help lauding his idea.

We can go out and have fun without worrying, and at the same time, help to pair a couple off! There’s nothing better than this! Beaming in delight, she then leaned forward and planted a kiss on him.

When it comes to scheming and plotting, I willingly concede defeat to him.

However, since the plan was to leave Larry with Benedict, Larry’s agreement was indispensable.

Thus, Vivian went to his room and knocked on the door. They both came home rather early today, so Larry hadn’t gone to bed yet.

After entering the room, Vivian told him about this matter. Larry was glad that they would be able to enjoy their honeymoon, so he agreed.

“Okay. Go and have fun with Daddy, Mommy! I’ll be good at Uncle Benedict’s house and wait for you two to pick me up.”

Upon hearing this, Vivian stepped forward and hugged him.

“Good night.”

After bidding him good night, Vivian turned off the lights in his room so that he could have a restful sleep.

Thereafter, she discussed the details with Finnick for a bit before they both went to bed.

Early the next morning, Finnick told the company’s executive management about his getaway and left them some instructions. Then, he took off.

Likewise, Vivian gave the senior editor a call to inform her about the matter.

Subsequently, she phoned Benedict, but there was an unexpected snag.

“What’s the matter, Vivian?” Benedict was swamped with work, so it was truly rare that he could spare the time to take her call.

“Are you at home? I’ll go over with Finnick now,” Vivian blurted the moment she heard his voice after casting Finnick a glance.

“Nope. I’m at the office.”

“Never mind, then. I’ll send Larry over to your place this afternoon. We’re going on a vacation, so help us take care of him for a few days, okay?”

Benedict knew that Vivian must be looking to ask him for a favor as soon as he heard her sounding all sweet. Now that she came clean about her intention, realization instantly dawned upon him.

Hah! It turns out that she called me just to ask for my help in taking care of Larry. At this, Benedict nodded in assent. They’re now finally together after experiencing so many tribulations, so it makes sense to take a break and let their hair down.

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