Never Late, Never Away Chapter 934

Furthermore, a vacation will also help to strengthen their relationship and bring them closer.

Having obtained Benedict’s assent, Vivian confirmed it time and again with him before the matter was decided. The plan was basically in place right now. The only thing left was to have Paris take Larry over to Benedict’s house in the afternoon.

Of course, they had to keep Paris in the dark about the location being Benedict’s house.

After lunch, Vivian gave Larry some last-minute instructions. Then, she packed her luggage with Finnick as they planned to leave that very night.

Actually, she was afraid that her brother would come looking for her after learning of her ulterior motive.

I should leave as soon as possible. By doing so, I won’t be in the city anymore when he realizes what I’ve done.

As she thought about this plan of hers, she giggled happily before turning to look at Finnick.

“Where are we going?”

Ironically, they had come up with an extensive plan for other people but hadn’t planned their own vacation at the end of the day.

“Where do you want to go?” Finnick had always gone along with Vivian, so he didn’t mind going wherever she wanted to go.

“Hmm… How about this? We’ll take the train and think of a figure each. Then, we subtract the two figures and take the exact number of stops according to the answer.”

Vivian abhorred making choices since she had slight decidophobia.

This is the best way to decide on the destination. Besides, it will help to spice things up too.

“Sure.” Finnick nodded with a smile.

As he stared into Vivian’s bright eyes, utter bliss flooded him. With that, they started playing that game.

After thinking of a figure, they both blurted it out.

In the end, the answer turned out to be five.

And so, they planned to take the train for five stops and disembark from wherever they ended up.

After making the decision, they waited for Paris to come and pick Larry up.

Meanwhile, Paris rushed over after getting off work.

“Vivian? Mr. Norton? What’s going on here?” Shock gripped Paris when she saw the luggage on the floor.

What on earth are they doing?

She didn’t see Vivian at work today, so she came over to inquire about it, but such was the picture that greeted her instead.

“We’re going on a vacation, so please take Larry to my friend’s house. You can tutor him there.”

Vivian noticed that Paris was wearing a floral dress today, and she radiated a sense of innocence with every step she took.

“Huh? Oh, okay.”

Paris was at a total loss in the beginning, but she later got the gist of it. So what I’ve got to do now is to bring Larry to Vivian’s friend’s house and tutor him there.

“Come back earlier, Mommy and Daddy. I’ll miss you.” Reluctance was etched on Larry’s face as he gazed at Vivian and Finnick while holding Paris’ hand.

Despite his high intelligence, his emotional needs were still that of a child’s. For that reason, it wasn’t surprising that he was now feeling reluctant to part with them both.

“Okay. We’ll come back quickly so that we get to see you, little pumpkin!” Finnick promised though he seldom comforted him like this.

This time, he was truly feeling a smidge reluctant to part with his son.

“Okay!” Larry nodded. After Paris had bid Finnick and Vivian farewell, the two of them took a cab to the train station.

It was already half-past five in the afternoon, but there was still a crowd at the train station.

Finnick was initially planning to take a flight this time, but since Vivian wanted to take the train, he obliged her.

To him, the mode of transport made no difference as long as she was happy, for that was more important than anything else.

“Finnick, do you think my brother will be angry and bombard me with phone calls?” Vivian felt a bit uneasy as she stared at the cell phone in her hand.

Although he’s always been very indulgent with me, I can’t say for sure when I’ve made such an arbitrary decision this time.

“I don’t know. Is your brother that kind of person?” Finnick’s relationship with Benedict was limited to a handful of exchanges, so he didn’t quite understand him yet.

“Hmm… Then, I’ll just blacklist his number first and explain things to him when we come back.” Vivian came up with this solution after racking her brains for a while.

This was indeed a splendid idea, but unbeknownst to her, Benedict did not call her at all while they were away.

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