Never Late, Never Away Chapter 935

Paris led Larry into the car, but she then noticed that he merely sat obediently without saying a single word.

He’s very similar to Finnick Norton, both taciturn and somber yet very much capable.

“Which friend’s house are we going to, Larry?”

She actually wanted to ask Vivian this question earlier, but she decided against it since Finnick was right beside her.

Driven by her curiosity, she opted to ask Larry.

“No idea.”

Larry knew that telling lies was bad, but he had no other choice.

After all, Vivian’s whisper in his ear just now was still echoing in his mind. Don’t tell Ms. Houston that it’s your Uncle Benedict’s house.

He really wanted to tell her that they were going to Benedict’s house, but it was out of his hands since he couldn’t go against his mother.

“Never mind, then. Rest for a while first, Larry. It’s still early.” Paris then glanced at the address in her hand.

It seems that the person must be rich to be living in such an area. As negative thoughts popped into her mind, she wondered if the person would despise her.

Meanwhile, the train Vivian and Finnick were on had already passed four stations, so they would be disembarking from the next station.

Vivian was rather excited since she had no idea where the train would lead them to.

The destination didn’t seem to be indicated on the train, and it was also her first time taking the train, so she wasn’t familiar with it.

Finnick was all the more clueless.

“What do you hope the next place will be, Finnick?” Vivian inquired as she looked up at Finnick, who was calm and unruffled, with anticipation written all over her face.

At this, Finnick pecked her on the lips lightly and murmured lovingly, “Whatever you wish for.”

Upon hearing this, Vivian felt as though she had melted into a puddle.

“Alright, let’s alight.”

As she stared at the desolate scenery outside, dread rose within her. When she noticed that she and Finnick were the only ones who disembarked at this stop, her puzzlement deepened.

Why didn’t anyone else alight here? Don’t tell me there’s something bad here?

She then looked around before realizing that she had been here in the past.

Subsequently, they decided to ask for recommendations when they bumped into someone. However, there were now two paths before them, and they had to decide which path to take.

After Finnick asked Vivian to make a decision based on her intuition, they continue forging ahead.

Along the way, there were several other forks on the road, and they were all decided by Vivian based on her intuition.

But as they walked on, they unexpectedly found a place that resembled a utopia. Vivian gasped in amazement as she stared at the landscape ahead in a trance.

The front of it was all adorned with carved jade without a hint of modernity to be seen.

Meanwhile, the people outside were walking along the streets with lanterns in their hands, and wooden items could be seen everywhere.

Vivian then went over to an amicable-looking middle-aged woman and inquired about the place, only to be told that it was a relatively renowned tourist destination.

Hearing this, relief suffused her.

Nonetheless, there was something special about this place. Generally speaking, people couldn’t find the place without a guide to lead the way.

Thus, tourists usually came during the holidays. And this explained why those passengers earlier didn’t alight from the train.

The only reason Vivian and Finnick were able to get here was all thanks to the former’s intuition.

Sometimes, a woman’s intuition was actually pretty accurate.

At this precise moment, Finnick threw Vivian a look of admiration, and she responded in turn with a wink.

After thanking the middle-aged woman, Vivian and Finnick looked for a place to stay.

They had been on the train for an entire night, and it was now noon, so both of them were hungry.

“Hello. May I know if this is an inn?”

Vivian could only see the two gigantic words above the building that read: Euphoric Redolence.

However, she wasn’t sure whether it was a place that provided lodging.

“Hello, lass. This is indeed an inn,” the innkeeper answered smilingly as she looked at Vivian and Finnick.

Even the manner in which she spoke was a complete reversion to the olden days.

Upon hearing that, Vivian flashed her a smile and inquired, “This wee lassie has been braving the elements out here, so could I be so bold as to intrude on you for a few days?”

As she spoke in a medieval manner, Finnick looked on at the side with a smile tugging at his lips.

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