Never Late, Never Away Chapter 937

That would also appear more sincere.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Finnick were indeed having a whale of a time.

It was their first day here, and they went to a place that resembled a temple. Over there, they met a fortune-teller.

Usually, Vivian wouldn’t pay fortune-tellers by the street any mind, but this one was indeed special.

There were a few sizeable words written on the stall above him that read: On my word of honor, no payment is needed if my fortune-telling isn’t accurate.

The second part of the utterance was cliche, but the first half sounded rather severe.

As her curiosity peaked, Vivian wanted to go and get her fortune told.

Finnick, however, was averse to such superstition. He only believed in hard work and resolve in the attainment of success. Thus, he wanted to pull Vivian away. But upon noticing her brimming curiosity, he relented.

Vivian stepped forward so that the fortune-teller could take a look at her hand, while Finnick kept a close eye on them at the side. The fortune-teller was a middle-aged man, and Finnick refused to allow him to touch Vivian’s hand, so he could only look at her palm and countenance before giving his verdict.

After listening to him, the two of them nodded and paid him. Then, they decided to return to the inn.

They had come out at noon, and it was now evening after they had seen the sights. Nevertheless, they didn’t plan to stay out late since they were unfamiliar with this place.

“What should we do tomorrow, Finnick?” Vivian was a tad drowsy now, so her eyes felt rather heavy as she gazed at Finnick.

“We’ll stay in bed for the entire day tomorrow.”


Vivian stood there in a trance after hearing that, then followed him in.

When they returned to the inn, they went to the dining room to eat. However, a wave of helplessness inundated Vivian at the sight of the food available in the dining room.

The selection before her was very simple. There wasn’t any fish or meat. Instead, vegetables made up the entire fare.

Hence, she was rather hesitant as to whether they should be eating here. But on second thought, she was too lazy to wander around anymore, so she decided to just make do.

Surprisingly, when the food was later served, the taste far exceeded her expectations. Even the food that was usually served in restaurants paled in comparison to this.

Thus, she ate a lot due to her liking of it. Finnick, on the other hand, maintained his usual consumption, neither eating more nor less.

“Let’s go up now that we’re done eating.”

After Finnick paid for their meal, he looked at Vivian expectantly since he wanted to go back to their room.

“Sure.” Vivian nodded, and they both went upstairs to their room.

Having washed up for a bit, they then plopped down onto the bed and started making out.

Here, they could make out as much as they wanted without fear of being disrupted by Larry. Conversely, there was an outsider at Benedict’s house, and that person was none other than Paris.

Paris had initially planned to go home after tutoring Larry, but it started raining. Hence, Benedict asked her to stay since he had a guest room in the house.

He initially found it rather inappropriate, but he assumed she understood the kind of person he was after chatting with him for the past two days.

And it was for this same reason that Paris’ mind didn’t go into the gutter. Rather, she instinctively nodded in assent.

With that, she stayed overnight at Benedict’s house.

That night, when she came out after taking a shower, she bumped into Benedict.

There was no attached bathroom in the guest room since it usually remained unoccupied. In fact, the room had always been for show.

It was only when Paris stayed over today did Benedict realize the flaw in his guest room. Nevertheless, it was now too late to do anything about it.

As he saw Paris standing in front of him with just a towel wrapped around her body, he found her very much seductive with water from her wet hair dripping down her neck.

At this very moment, both of them were dumbstruck.

Likewise, Paris hadn’t expected to bump into Benedict when she came out. Her face instantly flamed bright red, and she didn’t quite know what to do.

She had always been a conservative person due to her family background, so she was naturally nervous to be standing in front of a man in such a state for the first time in her entire life.

Nonetheless, she didn’t dare to move either, afraid that the towel covering her would slip off if she were to make any excessive movements.

If that happens, I’ll be mortified to death!

A flame of desire started blazing within Benedict, triggering a physical reaction from him. A moment later, he looked at Paris and murmured, “I’m sorry.”

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