Never Late, Never Away Chapter 938

Feeling awkward, Benedict returned to his room. In his haste, he nearly fell down.

Paris remained standing in the corridor. Worried that something might crop up again, she returned to her room at once.

The reason she agreed to meet the man was because she wanted to spend more time with him. However, she did not expect that things would turn awkward.

At that moment, Paris felt that she would no longer be able to face Benedict the next day.

After Benedict returned to his room and recalled the earlier events, his hand started moving faster below his waist.

No wonder Paris would mistake him for a player.

The man had never been a model pupil during his schooling days. He had even bullied girls often when he was young. However, he had never come across a woman like Paris.

Besides, he was already fond of her. It was hard for him to not feel anything while interacting with the woman of his dreams.

While being in their own thoughts, both of them fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Finnick had fallen asleep in each other arms. Finding comfort in each other, they had a restful sleep.

“Ahh!” Vivian suddenly screamed, breaking the peaceful morning silence.

“What’s up?” Finnick cocked his brow and looked at the woman.

“What… What on Earth are these?” Vivian asked while pointing at the costumes on the bed. She had a bad feeling about it and even felt slightly fearful.

Judging by the look on the man’s face, she knew that it could not be anything good.

“Why did you buy these… costumes for?” Vivian pointed at the traditional-looking costumes and asked. However, they were actually a little too revealing to be considered traditional costumes.

She knew that it was possible to buy these costumes here as there were specialized shops that sell those in the area.

“It’s for cosplay, silly. I want you to wear those for me,” Finnick looked at her and replied cheekily with a big grin on his face.

That was the look he had whenever he wanted something from Vivian.

“Nope, not possible. I refuse.” Vivian had already guessed it. She hugged the blanket tightly and stared at the man.

She had never been into that sort of thing and would never be.

Finnick knew that he shouldn’t force Vivian, seeing how unreceptive she was toward the idea. He wanted her to do it willingly.

As such, he started devising ways in his head to convince her to participate out of her own accord.

While Finnick was deep in thought, Vivian had already gone to the bathroom and finished washing up. After that, she dragged Finnick by the corner of his shirt out of the room.

“What are you doing?” Finnick asked, feeling confused.

“Weren’t you into cosplay? Let’s do it then… just kidding!” Vivian teased as she led the man toward a restaurant.

Ah, she’s hungry… So here we are, looking for food.

Finnick seemed to have understood what the woman was doing and watched as she chose her food.

He knew that Vivian would only agree to cosplay if she had a favor to ask of him.

However, it didn’t seem like there would be anything she needed from him at the moment. As such, Finnick had no choice but to drop that idea for the time being.

They could always do it when the opportunity arose and he was sure that they would have a lot of fun.

Vivian shot a glance at Finnick, who was already having naughty thoughts early in the morning, and kept quiet.

Sometimes she wondered how his brain worked. How is it possible that he could always come up with such ridiculous ideas? What Vivian didn’t know was that Finnick already had that idea in mind since the day he heard her speaking to the innkeeper in an archaic manner.

Because of that, he started fantasizing about how Vivian would look like if she were a woman in medieval times and how attractive she would be. However, it was a pity that the woman was not willing to cooperate. Finnick let out a helpless sigh and continued looking at Vivian.

After their meal, Vivian felt better after noticing that the man seemed to have dropped the idea.

As she was really not into cosplay, she felt rather helpless when Finnick suggested it earlier on. Since the both of them seemed to have already gotten over it, they could carry on with the day happily.

As Vivian thought of the interesting sights which they were going to see that day, as well as her potential purchases from the unique shops along the streets, her mood instantly lifted. She dragged Finnick into every store they walked past and almost bought everything she saw in those stores. As for Finnick, he was just busy paying for his wife’s purchases as well as carrying her bags. Finally, when Vivian was tired from all the walking, she turned around and looked at Finnick. It was only after she saw the numerous bags the man had in his hands that she realized how much she had already bought.

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