Never Late, Never Away Chapter 939

Vivian burst out laughing when she saw Finnick.

“What are you laughing at?”

“You look like my porter.”

To Vivian’s surprise, Finnick did not get angry at her comment, neither did he refute. He merely kept quiet and looked at her before nodding his head.

Vivian was almost done with her shopping and intended to return to the inn. However, she suddenly passed by a restaurant, which seemed to sell really delicious food. Seeing that it was almost lunchtime, she went in with Finnick.

When they entered the shop, Vivian noticed that the food items on display looked rather strange. As such, she asked the owner of the shop, “Can we have lunch here?”

“Ah, no. These are just replicas of food from medieval times,” the owner replied, shaking his head. Hearing that, the couple left after browsing the items for a while.

Initially, they had wanted to walk around for a while more, but Finnick suddenly received a call from Noah and frowned.

Why is he calling knowing that we’re on a holiday?

Nonetheless, he still picked up as it might be something urgent.

“Mr. Norton, where are you? Rachel is critically ill. Would Mrs. Norton want to go see her?” There was a sense of urgency in Noah’s voice.

“Ok, got it.”

“What’s the matter?” Vivian asked, noticing the change in Finnick’s expression. She was hoping that it wasn’t anything serious. Please don’t tell me it’s a repeat of what happened during the previous vacation…

If that was the case, she would definitely breakdown.

“Rachel is critically ill,” Noah replied while fixing his gaze on Vivian, trying to observe her reaction.

If she didn’t seem to care, they would carry on with their vacation and not bother to deal with trivial matters.

However, if she was concerned and affected by the news, they could only end their vacation and head back. In the end, Vivian was still unable to ignore her mother. As such, the couple packed their belongings and prepared for their return.

“Finnick, she was the one who raised me after all,” Vivian explained to Finnick.

Since Rachel had indeed brought up Vivian, Vivian felt that she was obligated to visit the woman, even if it was out of courtesy.

“I understand,” Finnick replied and held Vivian’s hand tightly to comfort her. On the way back, none of them spoke.

When they reached home, they headed to the hospital immediately without picking Larry up as Benedict was taking care of the boy.

When the couple arrived at the hospital, Rachel was already in the emergency room.

Vivian couldn’t help but feel anxious and worry while waiting outside.

She hated the feeling of waiting for updates outside the emergency room. That feeling of helplessness was pure torture to her.

“Is Rachel William’s family around?”

When Vivian and Finnick heard the nurse’s voice, they turned around simultaneously.

“Yes. I’m here,” Vivian answered. She was feeling extremely nervous at the moment as she had no idea if Rachel managed to survive.

“Why are you here? Rachel is not in the emergency room anymore. She’s now in stable condition and is resting in her ward.”

The nurse, who happened to see Vivian, was not sure why Rachel’s family members were waiting outside the emergency room when she was already back at the ward.

“Oh, thanks for letting us know,” Vivian thanked the nurse before heading to the ward with Finnick.

When both of them reached the ward, Finnick went ahead to pay the hospital bills and left Vivian alone to spend some time with her mother.

Rachel did not have enough money for the hospital bills at first. Luckily, because Noah was around, the nurses did not make things difficult for her.

“Mr. Norton.” When Finnick found Noah, Noah greeted him with a serious expression on his face.

Even though Noah was no longer serving the Norton family, his respect for Finnick would never change.

Finnick nodded in acknowledgment before passing a check to Noah to cover Rachel’s hospital bills.

Finnick had always been a generous man and he would never take advantage of others, especially when it came to money. It was no different this time.

Noah took a quick glance at the amount on the check and kept it, knowing that Finnick never liked to be indebted to anyone.

After that, Finnick and Noah found a spot to sit down. They started chatting about Noah’s love life.

Finnick was happy to know that Noah was in a blissful relationship and everything was going well for him. Apart from that, the two men did not talk much and they sat in silence most of the time.

Inside the ward, Vivian stared at Rachel, who was lying on the bed. She noticed that her mother was just skin and bones. Even her lips were colorless.

Vivian couldn’t help but recall her past memories and struggled to hold back her tears.

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