Never Late, Never Away Chapter 940

Vivian remembered how much Rachel doted on her in the past. As such, she had been trying her best to treat her mother’s illness.

However, Vivian was aware that there was still a limit to Rachel’s affections for her since she was not her biological daughter.

Vivian looked up at the ceiling and let out a bitter smile.

She knew that there was no point thinking about it as it was all in the past, but she just couldn’t help it.

With her gaze fixed on Rachel, Vivian walked closer toward her, wanting to see how much the woman had changed.

When she thought about it, Rachel had not actually done anything that harmed her. What she did was merely what a mother would do.

She did not do anything wrong. So why did I send her to a nursing home?

Vivian shook her head a few times to clear her mind of such thoughts. She needed to move on from the past. Her current priority was to take good care of Rachel and ensure that she could enjoy her twilight years.

“Vivian, you’re here?”

Just when Vivian was still lost in her thoughts, Rachel had woken up and was looking at her.

The look in her eyes was a mixture of anticipation and helplessness.

Rachel had not seen Vivian in a long while. However, her face fell suddenly and the sparkle in her eyes dimmed as she looked at her daughter.

“Yeah, I’m here,” Vivian replied with a nod and helped Rachel up so that she could lean against the headboard and sit comfortably.

After that, Vivian sat down on the sofa beside the bed, not knowing what to say.

Because of their previous conflict, there was an awkward tension between the two women.

Given the situation, all Vivian could do was to look down at her thighs and keep quiet.

In the end, Rachel was the one who broke the silence. “Vivian, did you marry him?” she asked.

The “him” was, of course, referring to Finnick. “Yep,” Vivian answered with a nod.

She was aware that Rachel used to object to her dating Finnick.

As such, even though her mother was the one who brought it up first, Vivian did not offer any additional details.

Vivian took a glance at the clock and realized that it was already afternoon.

“Um… A-Are you hungry? Should I get you something to eat?” Vivian stuttered as she did not know how she should address Rachel.

“Sure, I’ll have to trouble you then,” Rachel nodded and replied. With that, Vivian left the room.

“Why are you sitting here?” Vivian was just wondering what was taking Finnick so long since he had only gone to pay the hospital bills. She didn’t expect to find him sitting right outside the door.

“So that you could have some time alone with her,” Finnick replied as he looked up at Vivian.

“Are you hungry? Shall we get something to eat?” Vivian was just slightly hungry, but she did not mind having some food.

Even though she didn’t have much appetite, she knew that she still needed to eat.

Since it was already way past lunchtime, she reckoned that Finnick must be hungry too. As such, she asked him along.

There was not much choice of food at the hospital canteen. After taking a quick bite with Finnick, Vivian bought some food for Rachel and hurried back to her ward.

“Here you go. I’m not sure what you’d like to eat, so I just bought something simple.”

Seeing that Rachel was still lying on the bed, Vivian carried a small table over and placed it in front of Rachel so that it was easier for her to eat.

“No worries. I can eat anything.” Rachel took the cutleries from Vivian and started eating.

The circumstances of Rachel’s illness were rather suspicious as there was no apparent cause for it.

Vivian inquired with the doctor but the doctor simply told her that it wasn’t anything serious and that Rachel was ready to be discharged the next day.

However, the hospital director sounded extremely worried when he informed her about Rachel’s condition.

Could they have exaggerated the circumstances because they were worried that the worst might happen?

Even though Vivian was still feeling perplexed, she was glad that Rachel was well.

As it was getting late, Vivian and Finnick returned home.

Feeling exhausted from the events of the past few days, the couple was not in the mood to chat. Before long, Vivian fell asleep comfortably in Finnick’s arms.

That night, she dreamt of Evelyn setting off the bomb. Even in her dreams, it felt absolutely horrifying.

Vivian did not know why things would turn out this way. All she ever wanted was to have a carefree life but it seemed like unfortunate events kept happening to her.

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