Never Late, Never Away Chapter 941

Vivian woke up the next morning with obvious dark circles under her eyes and quickly got ready to visit Rachel.

“Why don’t you go later? It’s still early. You should sleep a while more,” Finnick held her hand and said.

He could feel his heart aching when he saw the dark eye circles and eye bags on Vivian’s eyes.

She seemed to have over-exerted herself these days. After being in a constant state of excitement during their vacation, she now had to take care of her mother.

To Finnick, that might be too much for a woman to handle.

“Stop it. I have to go. Otherwise, who’s going to help with her meals and get out of bed?”

Without Evelyn by her side, Vivian was the only one Rachel could depend on.

If Vivian did not take care of her, no one else would.

As Rachel was the one who brought her up, Vivian could not bring herself to leave the woman alone in the hospital.

“Ok, go ahead then. But don’t tire yourself out, you hear?” Finnick knew he couldn’t win the argument against his wife and relented. He knew very well that Vivian would not change her mind once she had decided on something.

Since she had already gotten ready to leave the house, there was no way she would stay and continue sleeping.

As it was still early, there were not a lot of people at the hospital yet.

When Vivian reached Rachel’s ward, Rachel was still asleep. As such, she sat down on the sofa next to the bed and rested for a while.

A moment later, Vivian heard a faint sound. When she opened her eyes, she saw that it was Rachel trying to get a blanket.

“Do you want some water?” Vivian asked as she passed the glass to Rachel.

After Rachel finished drinking the water, she gazed at Vivian with a contented look in her eyes.

“Vivian, it must be hard on you to have to wake up so early to come here.” Rachel was stumped by the fact that even her biological daughter did not treat her so well. It was her adopted daughter who was by her side when she needed someone most.

What kind of logic is that?

“It’s not a big deal,” Vivian shook her head and replied.

What she said was the truth. After all, she felt that it was every child’s duty to look after their parents.

Even though Rachel was not the one who gave birth to her, she was still her mother.

“Since you’ve already married Finnick, is he treating you well?”


“If you’re facing any problems, you can always tell me.”

“There isn’t any.”

Rachel was trying her best to strike up a conversation with Vivian, however, the latter seemingly wasn’t able to open up.

As Rachel was aware that it would take time to mend the relationship with her daughter, she did not force her to talk. She could only stare at Vivian wordlessly, wondering what her daughter had on her mind.

“Um… The doctor has informed me that you are well enough to be discharged today,” Vivian said to Rachel as she recalled her conversation with the doctor the previous day.

Even though the doctor had used quite a few medical terms that Vivian was not able to understand, she thought that Rachel might be able to.

However, Rachel was not able to fully comprehend either and wasn’t exactly sure what the nature of her illness was.

“Um… So… Do you want to come and stay with me?”

Although Rachel was feeling fine currently, somehow, Vivian still felt guilty toward the woman for what happened in the past.

As such, she decided that it was best that she took care of Rachel personally. Besides, as Evelyn was not around to accompany Rachel, Vivian did not feel that it was right to leave her mother alone in the nursing home.

“Of course not!” Rachel rejected sternly, giving Vivian a shock.

Apart from those times when Vivian misbehaved when she was young, she could not remember any other instances where Rachel would speak in such a stern tone.

Vivian’s shock was written all over her face as she asked, “Why? Since your daughter is not around now, isn’t it more convenient for you to stay with me so that I can take care of you?”

Is she still upset with me? Vivian frowned slightly, puzzled at the response she was given.

Upon careful observation, she noticed that Rachel had aged a lot and her face had gotten much more wrinkled.

“There’s just no need for that. Let’s not talk about this anymore. We should proceed with the discharge procedures,” Rachel said and turned around, ending the conversation.

Vivian had no choice but to listen to her mother. After she was done with the paperwork, she helped Rachel pack and they were ready to leave the hospital.

While the chauffeur was making a call in the car, Vivian and Rachel sat in silence.

“Vivian, I just didn’t want to bring you any inconvenience. Don’t think too much into it.”

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