Never Late, Never Away Chapter 943

This way, Ben won’t say that I trick him.

Unexpectedly, when Vivian rang the doorbell, it was Benedict who answered the door.

“Hehe, Ben,” Vivian greeted him with a cheeky grin, thinking that he would not get mad at her.

After all, there was the saying ‘an angry fist does not hit a smiling face’.

However, the reality went against Vivian’s wish. As soon as Benedict saw her, he lashed out at her.

“Why would I have a sister like you? Is that how you treat your brother? It’s fine to help you babysit, but how could you do this to me?”

Looking straight into her eyes, he gave her a piece of his mind.

While he was still lecturing her, Vivian walked to the sofa and took her seat.

Benedict trailed behind her and followed suit.

Considering the chronological events that had happened, Benedict showed no intention to stop scolding Vivian. The latter could only take it all in patiently.

“You went overboard, do you know that? It made us so awkward.”

After struggling through a long berating, Vivian only remembered the last sentence and ignored the rest.

“That’s enough. Don’t reprimand Vivian anymore. She did it for our own good.”

Right when Vivian wanted to respond, a voice was heard from upstairs. It was her colleague, Paris.

“Ben, you two…” Vivian was completely baffled at what was going on.

Are they an item now? Seriously? Just within three days?

Vivian found it unbelievable.

Paris nodded as she smiled sweetly at Benedict.

Vivian watched her walking down the stairs and strode toward Benedict’s side.

Vivian was still stunned at how they interlocked fingers. She had qualms that they were pulling a prank on her.

“We have you to thank for this, Vivian. Although Ben scolded you, he meant no harm.”

Paris took a glance at him, then held Vivian’s hand as she explained.

“That means you guys are together?” Vivian was still in shock.

I thought it would take a while for Ben to get it right. Who would have known the story has developed this fast.

“Yes, we’re together.” Upon seeing Vivian’s surprised face, Benedict patted her head.

She’s so brilliant when manipulating me. Yet, acting like a blur case when her trick pulls off?

“Oh… I see.”

Finally, Vivian cleared her doubts and was able to accept it swiftly. The two of them look really good together.

They started off as strangers, went through a lot of anxieties, grew closer, and eventually, all’s well ends well.

Seeing how happy they were holding each other’s hands, Vivian felt that she had done something right by matchmaking them.

“Come, tell me the juicy details.” Vivian wanted to find out how Paris captured Benedict’s heart within three days.

Paris promptly told her about what happened over the past few days.

Since the day Benedict saw how Paris looked like after taking a shower, he spent the entire night sorting out his feelings for her.

After thinking things through thoroughly, he realized that he really liked Paris. Otherwise, he would not have allowed her to stay in his house.

It was the weekend the following day and they did not have to attend classes.

When they were resting on the sofa after having breakfast, Benedict threw a serious question at Paris, “Paris, what do you like about me?”

The question stumped Paris.

Is it so obvious that I like him? Did he find out? Is he going to shoo me away?

Panicked, she stared at Benedict. She could not bring herself to tell a lie, so she answered honestly.

“Yes, I like.”

That moment was the most serious the two had ever been thus far. They had nothing else but each other in their eyes.

“I like you too. If that’s the case, let’s date.”

Paris almost jumped out of her skin. Dating?

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