Never Late, Never Away Chapter 944

Even though Paris had always loved Benedict, she never dared to dream of him confessing to her, let alone asking for a date.

Her brief pause made Benedict think that she was declining him.

“Rest assured that I’ll treat you well.” When he added this line, Paris could no longer contain her excitement and fell into his embrace.

She had been waiting her whole life for his confession.

She had an inferiority complex due to her average family background. Hence, she hid her feelings. The more she tried to suppress it, the more it developed.

Since Benedict had professed his love, she gladly accepted it.

Love birds should flock together.

“That’s it?” Vivian felt that their development was exceptionally speedy.

“Yes.” Paris nodded. She continued staring at Vivian, anticipating some comments.

“Now that you’re an item, cherish each other.” Thankfully, Ben realized his true feelings, otherwise, Paris might have to endure an unrequited love for a long time.

Things would have been very different for the both of them if Benedict did not come to his senses about his feelings for Paris.

“All in all, thank you,” Benedict said lovingly to his sister. His eyes were filled with gratitude and affection.

“You’re most welcome. Next, let’s talk about my reward.” Vivian put on a straight face. Deep down, she was excited to set her brother up and attain whatever benefits she could get out of this.

“All right, that’s it in. Let’s go upstairs, Paris, little pumpkin is finishing his lessons soon.” Benedict and Paris walked away hand in hand, leaving Vivian behind.

He’s so petty.

In a way, Benedict implied that he had returned Vivian a favor by helping her to take care of Larry.

While waiting for little pumpkin, Vivian killed time by playing on her phone.

Upon seeing Larry, she put her phone aside and gave him a bear hug.

“Did you miss me?” He must have been quite well-fed these few days as he seems to have put on some weight.

“Of course!” Little pumpkin kissed Vivian on the cheek and grinned from ear to ear.

He had waited to see his mother for three long days.

He finally believed that Benedict was not bluffing him when he said Vivian would visit very soon.

“Okay, okay. Your Daddy and I miss you so so much!”

Hugging each other, their faces glowed with a blissful smile.

“Shall we go home?”

“Yes!” Larry had been looking forward to this day.

As much as he loved being around Benedict, he longed to be at home with Finnick and Vivian.

No child would want to part ways with their parents. Vivian understood that perfectly well.

Vivian went upstairs and knocked at Benedict’s door.

It’s best I knock before accidentally walking into a couple in the midst of their lovey-dovey moment. That would be super embarrassing.

Vivian learnt that the hard way.

Paris answered the door promptly.

“Ben, Paris, you two take care. I’m heading home now with little pumpkin,” Vivian said with Larry in her arms after scanning that they were both decently dressed.

“Okay, go ahead.” Benedict had expected her prior to her departure.

“Little pumpkin, wave your Uncle Benedict and Ms. Houston goodbye,” Vivian reminded Larry of his manners.

“See you, Uncle Benedict and Ms. Houston.”

“Why Uncle Benedict and Ms. Houston? Shouldn’t it be Uncle Benedict and Aunt Paris?” Benedict protested. The difference in salutations made me sound so old. I’m not that old, all right?


It was already in the afternoon when Vivian arrived home with Larry. After a brief playtime, she informed the teachers of the change in their homeschooling address.

Shortly after, Finnick came home.

“Daddy, you’re back! I missed you!”

Before he had a chance to change into indoor slippers, Larry hurried over to hug him.

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