Never Late, Never Away Chapter 945

Although Larry required heavy assistance from Vivian at home, he viewed Finnick as his role model.

He aspired to become a successful person like Finnick who was capable of protecting his parents.

“Little pumpkin, I’ve missed you so much too.”

To Finnick, the most enjoyable moment of the day was to return home to a wife who longed for him and a child who craved his attention.

He played catch with Larry and then the family had dinner together.

“Were you happy to stay in Uncle Benedict’s house, Little Pumpkin?” Finnick chatted with his son after dinner.

“Yes, I was happy, but I missed you all so much.”

His honesty sent Finnick over the moon for a brief moment. Then, he advised him, “You’re a boy. You ought to be independent. Do you understand?”

Larry’s only eight years old, but it’s never too early to educate a child about some life principles.

After all, he’s more mature than the kids his age. So, he needs to know this.

“Understood,” Larry responded obediently.

He was aware of the importance to heed Finnick’s advice if he wanted to turn out like him. That was the only way to develop a stronger personality in him.

“Good boy.”

The father and son spent some quality time together before Vivian joined them.

“Little pumpkin, can I bring you to see a lady since you don’t have any classes tomorrow?”

Vivian wanted Larry to visit Rachel. I wonder how’s she doing now since she’s just been discharged. It’s best we pay her a visit.

“Sure,” Larry agreed.

The family had a good time catching up with each other and everyone went to bed thereafter.

While waiting for Finnick to take a shower, Vivian stared blankly at the ceiling.

“What are you thinking?” Finnick asked the moment he came back into the room after what felt like forever.

“Ben and Paris are together now.” Finnick merely nodded when Vivian shared the news with him.

It’s nothing surprising. They’re compatible individuals with complementary personalities. With a slight help from us, it’s just a matter of time before they got together. Most importantly, they love each other. In addition, it’s easy to win Paris’ heart over as long as Benedict takes the initiative to do so.

“Do you think that I should address Paris as my sister-in-law when we meet?” Vivian was struggling with a seniority issue.

It seems a bit rude to call her by name. Yet, it feels so weird to change salutation at this point.

Finnick was amused by how Vivian used her brainpower to figure out petty matters like these. When they were singles, she sought ways to bring them together. Now that they’re a couple, she’s thinking about ways to call each other.

“Whatever makes you happy.”

Does she really need to spend time and effort thinking about this?

Finnick was completely perplexed by how she landed herself in another dilemma.

Surely, men and women are wired differently. Therefore, their priorities are totally different.

“All right, I’ll call her Paris.”

I’m most comfortable with that. I’ll think about a more intimate and respectful nickname once they tie the knot.

Finnick waited patiently for Vivian to think things through before he could enjoy a passionate time with her.

Excitement started building up in the room. Finnick muttered, “Cosplay…”

With that, Vivian shrewdly left his embrace, snuggled comfortably underneath the sheets, and dozed off soundly.

Staring at the woman who fell asleep in front of him, Finnick felt so helpless. How do I make you wear the costumes willingly?

The next morning, Vivian got up after Finnick had left for the office. She had applied for a week of leave and did not need to worry about work temporarily.

When she went downstairs, Larry had already woken up. “Mommy, come have breakfast.”

Larry ran to her and then led her to the dining table.

Finnick was the one who prepared breakfast and tasked Larry to make sure Vivian eat in the morning. The good kid carried out Finnick’s instructions responsibly.

“Sure, I’ll eat them all.” Then, she lowered her head and enjoyed her first meal of the day.

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