Never Late, Never Away Chapter 947

“I was caught in a bomb blast set up by them. Luckily, someone saved me by pulling me out. It was really difficult for me to come back here and see you.”

Evelyn was teary-eyed as she spoke. She was indeed rescued by someone. But as to who tried to kill her with a bomb, only she and the perpetrator knew.

After hearing Evelyn’s story, Rachel was shocked at how vicious Vivian was.

What kind of person is she? To be willing to blow someone up without any qualms?

When Evelyn saw the change in Rachel’s expression, she knew that her mother had bought her lie. Hence, she leaned closer and whispered her instructions.

“Mom, help me do this and after that…”

As it turned out, Rachel’s sickness was due to her missing her medication on purpose. As such, she was able to recover once she was put on the drip in the hospital.

However, Vivian was oblivious to what was going on. Hence, as Rachel looked at Vivian, she suddenly didn’t know what else to say.

All she did was stare at the mother and son duo in silence.

Vivian was puzzled at the sudden change in Rachel’s demeanor. Just a second ago, she was cheerfully chatting away. What’s with the change in attitude? Despite the doubts in her mind, she chose to break the silence instead.

“Remember to take the supplements I bought you. They are very good for you. If you need anything else once you finish them, just let me know and I’ll bring more.”

As Vivian gave detailed instructions about how to consume them, Rachel observed her actions carefully.

After she was done, Rachel simply nodded in acknowledgment.

Checking the time, Vivian realized it was getting late and planned to leave with Larry.

“Will you… be coming back?” Rachel’s eyes were filled with anticipation. She seemed reluctant for Vivian to leave.

Vivian was shaken by Rachel’s question and felt that she would be unfilial if she said no.

“Yeah, I will.”

Rachel’s mind was put at ease by Vivian’s answer.

“Goodbye, Granny.” After bidding Rachel farewell, Larry and Vivian left in their car.

“Mommy, I think that Granny was acting very strange. There’s something unsettling about her gaze.” Larry had noticed the elder woman’s awkwardness but didn’t bring it up earlier as it would have been impolite to do so.

Now that they were out, he wanted to inform Vivian so that she would be more vigilant.

Thinking back to their encounter, Vivian did feel that something wasn’t right about the meeting. She attributed it to the fact that Rachel still felt awkward in her presence.

With that thought in mind, Vivian allayed her own fears.

“Alright, don’t think too much about it. We’ll be heading home to have dinner with Daddy now. After that, it will be time for bed as you have school tomorrow.”

Realizing that Larry would be going back to school the next day, Vivian planned to have him sleep early that night.

Being the obedient child that he was, Larry did what he was told.

The next day morning, when Vivian came into the office, she saw Paris at her seat.

Usually, Paris would arrive earlier than Vivian.

“Good morning, Vivian,” Paris greeted her.

Vivian realized something was different today. All this while, Paris had acted sheepishly in front of her, as to how someone of lower rank would.

But now, she was greeting her just like Benedict did, treating Vivian like a junior.

Vivian had wanted to return her greeting by name but decided against it after having heard how she was greeted.

“Erm… Let’s discuss how I should address you, shall we?” Vivian felt that it was more appropriate to talk about it first.

“Pfft!” Paris burst into laughter as she found it adorable that Vivian was fussing over such a trivial matter.

“What’s wrong?” Vivian didn’t think that there was anything humorous about what she just said.

“Just call me Paris. There’s no need to overthink it.” Her words put Vivian’s mind at ease.

Since Paris had given permission to address her by name, it would be what Vivian would use.

“Good morning, Paris,” Vivian returned her greeting when it suddenly occurred to her that she had yet to do so.

Paris burst into laughter again and repeated how adorable she found Vivian to be.

Just when Vivian was laughing together with her, Ms. Jenson’s voice rang out.

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