Never Late, Never Away Chapter 948

“Settle down everyone.” Ms. Jenson gestured for the noisy office to be silent.

“I want you to welcome a new joiner to our company, Shane Teslar.”

When they saw the handsome young man, most of the office ladies swooned over him. It had been a long time since the magazine had someone so good-looking join them. Hence, everyone was excited about it.

“Shane, pick someone you like from amongst them to be your mentor.”

Usually, newcomers would need to be mentored when they first joined. And only those who were experienced were allowed to mentor them.

Otherwise, they would end up learning something they shouldn’t have.

As Paris had been groomed by Vivian, she was now one of the most capable staff in the company.

“Her.” Smiling delightfully, Shane pointed at Vivian.

He had heard about Vivian before and admired her a lot. Hence, he painstakingly got himself into the company so that he could be her apprentice.

Now that he was here, there was no way he would miss the opportunity to get close to his idol.

“In that case, he’ll be under your wing now, Vivian.”

With Paris as a good example, Vivian would be a safe pair of hands to show Shane the ropes. However, it was just a matter of whether Finnick would mind.

Just when Ms. Jenson was hesitating, Vivian nodded in agreement, putting her mind at ease.

“Alright then. Shane, move your seat to Vivian’s opposite.”

This way, Shane would have easy access to Vivian whenever he had any questions and would not need to walk very far.

His face lit up the moment he heard that he could sit with Vivian.

He was already delighted by the fact that Vivian was going to be his mentor, but to also get to sit near her made him feel ecstatic.

“Hehe, Ms. Morrison, I’m Shane Teslar. It’s a pleasure to be working with you.”

Vivian had a good impression of him.

She liked straightforward men who were willing to learn. Mentees with a positive attitude were a joy to teach, just like how Paris was back then.

“Mmm-hmm.” Vivian was usually cold to people she just met as she needed time to warm up to them.

Shane didn’t see it as a problem at all as long as he could get along with her.

After working the whole morning, Shane only had a few questions for Vivian. Similar to Paris, he always tried to analyze problems by himself first because only by doing so was he able to improve.

“Vivian, come in for a second.”

Vivian followed Ms. Jenson into her office.

“Please get yourself prepared for a scoop the day after and take Shane along with you. It would be good exposure for him.”

Ms. Jenson wasn’t someone who discriminated against newcomers. On the contrary, she loved to groom them so that they could help her rake in more profits in the future.

That was what Finnick liked about her.

“Sure, no problem.” Running a scoop wasn’t a big deal for Vivian.

Although she had a newcomer tagged to her, he likely wasn’t going to be much help other than helping to carry her gear. After all, he was there to learn the ropes.

However, Vivian’s assumptions about him were wrong. Shane wasn’t as inexperienced as she thought. In fact, he even made many good suggestions to her.

For a moment, Vivian felt as if she was falling behind the times and no longer had her finger on the pulse of the young.

I am losing touch while society continues to progress. This is the saddest part of life.

Luckily, Vivian wasn’t really that old.

“Ms. Morrison, look at this, should we change the way we phrase the question? It feels better doing it this way.”

Shane felt that the question was too forthright and might unsettle the interviewee.

“It’ll be fine. I did some research on the company’s president, and based on his demeanor, this question isn’t going to be a problem.”

Every time Vivian was about to run a story, she would do all the necessary research beforehand so that she would understand her subject well.

“Oh, I see.” Shane had a sudden realization and felt that Vivian was indeed the best mentor he could ask for.

After all, all of her mentees went on to become capable employees. It went without saying that those who were incompetent were already kicked out by her.

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