Never Late, Never Away Chapter 950

If Vivian and Shane were working together only as colleagues, Finnick wouldn’t have mind. But I’m sure having lunch together isn’t part of work, is it?

So why are they even eating lunch together?

“Erm… that was just a coincidence.” Vivian had no idea how to pacify his jealousy.

Prior to this, she had never made Finnick jealous before, even during Hunter’s time. But that day, it seemed that Finnick’s jealous side had reared its head. Panicking, Vivian tried her best to explain herself.

In the middle of doing so, Finnick suddenly stood up and grabbed her by the waist.

“Alright, I believe you.” Although he still looked upset, the tension on his face had eased significantly.

“Well, good to hear that you trust me. Don’t worry, I won’t elope with someone else.”

Vivian was aware of how strong his feelings were for her. Therefore, she would never leave him for a young stud.

“Mmm-hmm.” Finnick gave Vivian a peck on the lips before letting her settle down for dinner.

He went upstairs next to get Larry to join them.

They had arranged for dinner time to coincide with the end of Larry’s classes. Hence, by the time Finnick went upstairs, Larry had finished his homework.

Despite being together with Benedict, Paris still insisted on teaching Larry. She declared that it was her duty to do so as she had promised to do it.

Since Benedict had no objections, Vivian allowed Paris to continue teaching.

“Daddy, Mommy, you’re early today.”

Just as Larry spoke, Vivian glanced at Finnick with an awkward look. She knew the reason Finnick came home early was so that he could question her.

As for her, it was because she had finished her report and didn’t need to stay back.

Therefore, both of them did come back earlier than usual.

“Mmm-hmm, I came home after finishing my work.” Finnick nodded and served Larry some of his favorite dishes. Just like that, dinner was over quickly.

Meanwhile, Shane met someone on his way home.

“Mister, please save…” As Evelyn approached Shane, she collapsed right in front of him.

Her face was dirty while her clothes were a mess. Leaning forward, she even exposed her cleavage intermittently. As someone young who had just started work, Shane was stunned by the sight in front of him.

“What’s wrong?” Looking at Shane, Evelyn acted sheepishly and didn’t know what to say. It was as if she was terrified.

However, she gathered her courage after a while. “Do you work at the same magazine company as Vivian does?” Evelyn asked with conviction, causing Shane to gulp.

He didn’t know why she was asking about his mentor. Does she know Ms. Morrison? It would be wonderful if she did.

Just when Shane was delighted by that thought, he heard Evelyn’s insidious voice ring out.

“Do you see what I have become? This is all Vivian’s doing!” Shane was stunned by her words.

Ms. Morrison’s doing? But why?

Taking a closer look at Evelyn, he didn’t feel that she was lying to him. Given the miserable condition she was in, she didn’t seem to have a reason to do so.

“What happened?” Shane got the burning question off his chest. Evelyn told him the same version of the story she shared with Rachel.

Shane felt distraught after Evelyn finished.

Why did the person I like so much turn out to be so vicious? How could I have put all my feelings into such an unworthy person?

Now that he knew how fake Vivian was toward her family, Shane felt stupid for even admiring her.

The more he thought about it the angrier he got. Looking up at Evelyn, his eyes were filled with hatred. When Evelyn saw it, she looked away and smiled smugly to herself.

After all, she had achieved her objective. Shane was now a pawn that was ripe for manipulation.

“So, what do you want after telling me all this?” Shane now knew everything about Vivian.

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