Never Late, Never Away Chapter 951

Why is the woman before me doing all this?

“Actually… I have always liked you and don’t want you to be fooled.” Evelyn blushed as the words left her mouth.

Shane’s heart fluttered when he noticed her response.

Despite his good looks, no one ever pursued him and he could never find a partner.

This was the first time a girl confessed her feelings to him. Furthermore, she was a beauty.

In a moment of weakness, Shane’s pity for her gave him the urge to comfort her.

“Alright, I understand. Thank you. May I know how I should address you?” After speaking for such a long time, Shane still didn’t know her name.

“Evelyn Morrison.”

“I’m Shane Teslar.”

After a pause, he added, “Well. It’s already late. So, you should head home now.”

“Don’t you want to take revenge on Vivian? After all, she has cheated your feelings.”

Evelyn could see that Shane was soft-hearted and indecisive. Despite knowing how he had been treated, he didn’t seem to mind it at all.

“What do you plan to do?” Shane would definitely do something about it, but he still wanted to know what Evelyn’s plan was.

“I was thinking of abducting her son and cause her to be distraught. We won’t harm him, of course. I just want to make her panic for a few days.”

Evelyn knew that Shane wasn’t cruel enough to harm anyone. Hence, she had to manipulate him into helping her.

After all, he was Vivian’s colleague and was a great asset to her plan.

“Alright.” Shane nodded. After getting a cab for Evelyn, he went straight home.

On the way back, he kept thinking about the kiss he shared with Evelyn. Just reminiscing about it would cause his heart to flutter.

Nevertheless, he was now going lure Vivian’s son out into the open together with Evelyn.

The problem was he had never seen her son before. Therefore, they needed an elaborate scheme to extract him.

Not long after, Evelyn sent Shane a message with instructions on how he was going to do it.

After reading the message, he thought that the plan was brilliant. They would be able to abduct Vivian’s son without her knowledge.

Shane even admired Evelyn for coming up with such an elaborate plan. For a lady to draw up such a diabolical plan is amazing indeed.

In truth, part of it was due to Shane’s lack of exposure to the world. Hence, Evelyn’s scheme easily impressed him.

The next morning, Vivian greeted Paris as usual. But this time, the newcomer, Shane Teslar, was there as well.

“Good morning.” Shane grinned at Vivian, acting as if he had forgotten what happened yesterday.

“Morning.” Vivian nodded and began to bury herself in work.

The company’s employees usually dived straight into work the moment they arrived regardless of what time it was.

It was a longstanding culture of the company’s. From their perspective, the workday started the moment they stepped into the office.

Gradually, Shane familiarized himself with his work and no longer needed to ask Vivian any questions. Consequently, Vivian had an easier time as she could then focus on her own work.

After lunch, Vivian and Paris were chatting.

“How are things with my brother?” In Vivian’s mind, Benedict was someone that didn’t know how to sweet talk a girl. Hence, she wondered if he had made Paris upset in any way.

“He treats me well, don’t worry.”

The moment she heard Benedict’s name, Paris had a blissful look on her face.

Her response reminded Vivian of how she used to react back then. Her face would light up at the mention of Finnick’s name. It was a sign that she had found her one true love.

Seeing that on Paris now, Vivian prayed that Benedict and Paris would always be together. That way, everyone would be delighted.

“That’s wonderful. Since you’re happy together, I shall look forward to your wedding soon,” Vivian teased but stopped there as Paris was already blushing like a tomato.

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