Never Late, Never Away Chapter 952

After work one afternoon, Paris asked Vivian to give her a ride home as she had to teach Larry that day.

“Sure.” Vivian nodded. After all, they were heading the same way since she was heading home as well.

“Ms. Morrison, Paris, are you talking about Larry?” Shane knew that Vivian’s son was named Larry.

Since they were colleagues, it was natural for him to hear the name mentioned many times in the office.

“Yes.” Paris nodded while looking at Shane, wondering what it was he wanted.

Paris wasn’t close to Shane despite both of them being Vivian’s mentees. For some inexplicable reason, she just didn’t like him.

“Erm… If it’s alright with you, I would like to see him too.”

Shane felt that it was the perfect opportunity. Otherwise, at the rate he was going, there was no way for him to execute Evelyn’s plan.

Just the other day, he met up with Evelyn again. Evelyn was dressed beautifully and didn’t look as miserable as the previous night.

The sight of her beauty caused Shane’s heart to race.

“I just want to spend my life happily with you. However, as long as Vivian is around, I will never ever have peace.”

Evelyn’s declaration of love for him was seared into Shane’s mind.

Therefore, he decided to help Evelyn so that he could live the dream she promised him.

In truth, Shane had asked Evelyn why she wanted to seek revenge on Vivian, to which she replied, “Her husband was my first love.”

Having heard her response, Shane was outraged as if something that belonged to him was taken away.

Back to the present, Shane was giving Vivian a pleading look as his eyes were filled with anticipation, making it difficult for her to refuse.

While she was still wondering if Finnick would be angry if she brought Shane home, Shane had already followed both of them into the car.

Having no other choice, Vivian prayed that Finnick would not lose his temper when they got home. That would be for the best.

“Ms. Morrison, where is your house?” Shane asked as the surroundings seemed unfamiliar to him. After all, he had never been there before.

“Evergreen Estate.” Shane was shocked when Vivian told him the address.

Given that it was a luxurious residential estate filled with villas, he obviously had only heard of it and never visited.

“I didn’t expect your family to be so rich, Ms. Morrison.” Paris couldn’t help but shake her head at Shane’s comment.

She wanted to teach him that it was more important to have a good attitude than to be rich.

However, saying something like that would just put Vivian in an awkward position. Therefore, she chose to bite her tongue instead.

Soon, they arrived at Vivian’s home. When Vivian was parking her car, she had mixed feelings when she didn’t see Finnick’s car.

In truth, there was no need for her to try and hide as there really was nothing going on between Shane and her.

However, because she was worried that Finnick would misunderstand, she still hoped that he wasn’t around. As she struggled with herself, she regretted bringing Shane to her house.

But now that he was already here, she didn’t know how to explain it.

Since there was no point crying over spilled milk, she decided she would have to pacify Finnick later at night.

“Do come in.” Vivian pushed open the door for them to enter when she saw Paris and Shane standing outside.

While serving them drinks as the host, she saw Paris and Shane chatting with Larry. When she saw how happy Shane was interacting with Larry, she figured that he really liked children and that was the reason why he wanted to tag along.

With that thought in mind, she sat down on the sofa and watched as the three of them play.

As it was Larry’s break time from class, they were left with only ten minutes time to chat.

However, since the next class was handled by Paris and Shane was still there, Vivian decided to cancel the class.

“Mommy, this is…” After playing for some time, Larry realized he didn’t know who Shane was.

“This is my colleague, Shane,” she introduced Shane to Larry and vice versa.

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