Never Late, Never Away Chapter 953

When Shane learned that Larry was doing high school work despite the fact that he was only eight, he was utterly shocked.

Is he a genius? Vivian is already someone who is extremely smart. Does this mean that her son is even smarter than her?

Is this a sign of one generation outperforming the previous one?

After playing with Shane for a while, Larry started to enjoy his company.

As they continued playing, Shane had doubts over whether Vivian was a vicious person given how happy her family was.

Hence, he grew suspicious of what Evelyn had told him. Besides, given how much Larry liked him, he began to feel reluctant to kidnap him.

“Mr. Teslar, what’s wrong?” Seeing Shane staring blankly, Larry thought that the man wasn’t feeling well.

“What is it?” Vivian asked out of concern as she too had noticed how strange Shane was acting.

When he saw the worried look on Vivian and Larry’s faces, he hesitated. He began to wonder if kidnapping Larry to cause Vivian distress was a good idea.

After all, Vivian had helped him a lot at work and cared for him at a personal level. No matter how he looked at it, she didn’t seem like the evil person Evelyn had made her out to be.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” He had just spaced out for a moment and yet both mother and son duo showed their concern for him.

He was now at a loss on what to do.

“Good to hear that you’re fine.” Vivian nodded. She was worried about him when she saw his face turn pale.

As the sky began to darken, Shane decided to take his leave.

That night, he went to see Evelyn.

“Are you sure you’re telling me the truth?” Shane still couldn’t believe the lady he used to have a crush on was such a vicious person.

“What else can it be? What do I have to gain by lying to you?” Evelyn stared at Shane. What’s with the change of heart? Did someone brainwashed him or something?

Why is his tone so different today?

“But… I don’t think someone as kind as Ms. Morrison will do all those things that you accuse her of.” Looking at Evelyn, Shane was observing whether the woman before him was lying.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to catch anything.

“Do you actually believe that I’m lying to you?” Evelyn stared at Shane, pretending to be angry.

Not wanting to anger her further, Shane had no choice but to trust her.

“What happened to you today?” Evelyn enquired in a sweet voice as she held his arm and leaned closer.

“I went to Ms. Morrison’s house and saw Larry.” Just when Shane was still thinking about how to lure Larry out, Evelyn had laid out her plan.

“Tomorrow, use Vivian’s phone and send the maid a message, telling her that you will be coming to pick him up. After that, you will go ahead and do so.”

Evelyn’s plan was long ready and she was just waiting for Shane to execute it.

“Okay.” As he had just joined the workforce, Shane was still naive about the insidiousness of others.

All he wanted was to make Evelyn happy and be together with her. That was all he needed to be satisfied. It had never occurred to him that he would lose his job if he did this.

“Alright, go home now.” After a hug, he bid Evelyn goodbye.

By the time Evelyn returned to the nursing home, Rachel had fallen asleep. However, she was roused by Evelyn turning on the light.

Given her advanced age, she was a light sleeper. Hence, it was normal for her to be woken up by Evelyn’s movements.

“Evelyn, why are you back so late?” Rachel had wanted to stay up and wait for Evelyn but fell asleep out of exhaustion.

Checking the time, she realized it was the middle of the night. Usually, she would never come back so late…

“I just went out with some friends.” Evelyn nodded and prepared her bed for sleep.

“By the way, I will hide Larry somewhere Vivian won’t be able to find. I want to cause her distress for a few days. You must remember to keep this a secret, okay?”

Evelyn suddenly remembered that she had to remind Rachel or else her plan would fail if Rachel had a slip of tongue.

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