Never Late, Never Away Chapter 954

“Why?” Rachel was curious as to why Evelyn had to hide Larry and wanted her to keep it a secret.

“Because, when Vivian goes around looking for him, you will think of me first and let it slip.”

In truth, Evelyn was meticulous in her plans. Or else, she wouldn’t have escaped arrest after committing so many crimes.

“Alright. Remember to send the boy back after a few days. And make sure he has enough food and water during the period you’re keeping him.” Rachel recalled how polite and adorable Larry was when he visited her.

The thought that Larry was about to be kidnapped by her own daughter saddened her.

“Why? Are you worried?” Evelyn stopped packing her things and glared at Rachel. Is Rachel reacting this way because she feels bad? She had no qualms about this previously. Could it be that she has a soft spot for Vivian now after her last visit?

“Have you forgotten about everything Vivian has done to me?” Evelyn added, worried that Rachel would forget.

Having heard Evelyn’s words, Rachel reminded herself that she couldn’t forgive the humiliation Evelyn suffered. She had to pay back Vivian two-fold for what she did to Evelyn.

Seeing how Rachel’s focus was back on track, Evelyn nodded and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, after Shane left, Paris decided it was time for her to leave as well.

“It’s already late. Why don’t I get my brother to pick you up?” Just as Vivian spoke, she called Benedict before Paris could agree.

“Ben, your wife’s at my place. Come and pick her up.” After hearing a grunt of acknowledgment, Vivian ended the call and looked at Paris.

At the mention of the word “wife,” Paris blushed immediately.

And when Vivian looked at her, her blush intensified.

Averting her eyes, she buried herself in her phone. Vivian obviously knew what Paris was doing. Hence, she instructed the maid to prepare some of Benedict and Paris’ favorite food.

As night had fallen, she wanted both of them to have dinner before heading home. After all, eating late would be bad for their digestion. Paris didn’t say a word and implicitly complied.

Soon, Finnick returned home and nodded at Paris when he saw her sitting on the sofa.

Prior to this, there was no need for him to acknowledge her. But now that she was his brother-in-law’s girlfriend, it was only polite for him to do so.

With both of them settling down on the sofa, Paris watched as the lovebirds began to display their affection for each other. In her heart, she prayed hard for Benedict to come quickly as she felt awkward being the third wheel.

Just as she wished, Benedict arrived soon after Finnick.

Vivian and Finnick sat on the sofa, looking at Benedict.



Both of them greeted him respectively to which he nodded. Benedict then glanced at Paris before sitting right next to her.

“What brings you here?” He remembered that she should have just left work and wasn’t supposed to be there.

Why is she here? Were both the ladies chatting?

“I still needed to teach Larry, that’s why I was late,” Paris replied sweetly.

Paris always had a classical vibe to her and spoke in a gentle manner, which was pleasing to Benedict’s ears.

“Alright, alright. I know you still need to give him his lessons. Finnick, I think it’s time for you to give her a raise,” Benedict quipped.

Usually, it was Vivian that took advantage of Finnick. But now, Benedict felt that it was his turn to do so and was delighted by the thought.

“Sure.” Finnick nodded. After all, a pay raise wasn’t a big deal when it came to the filthy rich Norton family.

Although Finnick didn’t mind, someone else did.

“What? Why?” Vivian shot Finnick a glance before she took his wallet out from his pocket and hugged it tightly as if she was protecting it.

Paris almost burst out in laughter when she saw Vivian’s response. It was the first time she saw this side of Vivian and found it to be hilarious. However, because she was in Finnick’s presence, she smiled slightly instead.

“Why not?” Benedict retorted.

“Paris volunteered to teach Larry. It’s not like I didn’t force her to do it.” Vivian smiled at Paris as she laid out the facts.

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