Never Late, Never Away Chapter 955

“In that case, shouldn’t you pay her more?”

“You really do know how to take advantage of me, huh?”

Just when Vivian was about to continue, Finnick cut her off.

“Ben, you and… Paris should join us for dinner.” Not knowing how to address Paris, Finnick decided to address her the same way as Vivian.

When Vivian noticed his pause, she couldn’t help but feel amused. It was the first time she saw such an adorable side to him.

As Benedict led Paris to the table, Vivian and Finnick sat opposite them. Larry was also asked to join them for dinner.

It was the first time the five of them sat down together for dinner and the atmosphere was different from the jovial vibe earlier.

In contrast, there was a familial warmth to it and Vivian relished in that feeling.

“Paris, try this.” Benedict chose Paris’ favorite dish and served her some of it.

“What are you looking at? You should get your own husband to serve you if you want some.” Benedict noticed Vivian giving him an indecipherable look.

“I must say, Ben, since when did you learn how to take care of someone?” Vivian wasn’t interested in the food. Instead, she just wanted to tease Benedict.

Vivian was happy for her brother but it didn’t stop her from joking at his expense. All Benedict did was gave her a side-eye before going back to his food.

After dinner was done, it was time for them to go. By the time Benedict dropped Paris off at her house and returned home, it was already very late.

After tucking Larry in, Vivian and Finnick retired to their bedroom.

“Erm…” Vivian wanted to tell Finnick about Shane’s visit earlier. But since Finnick didn’t bring it up, she was tempted to keep quiet about it.

“What is it?”

Unaware of what Vivian wanted to say, Finnick turned around and gave her his attention.

“Well, Shane came to our house today. Are you… angry about it?” Vivian felt that it was better to tell him since she had nothing to hide.

“I’m alright. Since you said that there’s nothing going on between the two of you, there’s no need for me to speculate blindly.”

Smiling gently, Finnick walked over to her to caress her face before both of them went to bed.

The next morning, Vivian didn’t see Shane in the office.

Curious, she asked Paris, who was sitting next to her, “Where did Shane go?”

“I have no idea.”

Vivian knew that Paris disliked Shane and didn’t expect to get more out of her.

As such, she nodded and buried herself in work. It wasn’t until lunchtime that she received a call from home.

“Mrs. Norton, Larry has a hundred in his pocket. Please make sure he doesn’t lose it.”

“What? Larry isn’t home?”

“Didn’t you pick him up, Mrs. Norton?”

“No, I didn’t.” At that moment, there was only one thing flashing in her mind. Larry has disappeared! She almost broke down at that thought. However, she knew she had to stay strong as now wasn’t the time for it.

“Describe to me what happened,” Vivian ordered, unable to hide the anxiety in her tone.

“This morning, Mr. Teslar came over to pick Larry up. After reading the message you sent, I agree to let Larry go with him,” the housemaid replied as if there was nothing wrong with it.

“However, I just remembered that Larry has some money in his pocket, so I called to remind you.”

Hearing that, Vivian realized that it was Shane who took Larry. Where is he taking him? What is his agenda? Why is he doing this?

A jumble of questions flashed across her mind, but she couldn’t find an answer to them.

After ending the call, she tried calling Shane’s phone only to find that he had turned it off.

Feeling anxious, she had no choice but to call Finnick. Finnick was outraged by the news. He never liked Shane from the beginning, so when he heard that the man had the audacity to harm his family, he was utterly infuriated.

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