Never Late, Never Away Chapter 956

Finnick mobilized all his contacts to look for Larry and Shane. At the same time, he went to see Vivian as he knew that she must be feeling devastated. He was aware that she needed him by her side at this very moment.

Meanwhile, Vivian was desperately trying to make phone calls when she saw Finnick coming for her. Hugging her tightly in his arms, he gently reassured her.

“Don’t worry, Larry will be fine. Nothing will happen to him.”

While Vivian and Finnick were worried sick, Larry was chatting with Shane in a cab.

“Mr. Teslar, where are you taking me?” Shane had told him that he was taking him to see Vivian. However, Larry wondered why they weren’t traveling in the direction of Vivian’s office.

“Your mommy’s with Granny. So, we are going over to Granny’s,” Shane explained with a smile.

Looking out the window, Larry could recognize that they were indeed on the way to the nursing home, as he had been there once before. It was part of Evelyn’s plan to have Larry brought to Rachel, which would make things easier.

Now that Larry was on the way to see Rachel, everything was going according to plan. For some reason, Shane began to feel guilty deep down.

However, given that the deed was done, he realized there was no point crying over spilled milk.

Meanwhile, when Vivian saw that her phone was low on battery, she got her charger from her desk and charged her phone in the pantry.

Although Larry had disappeared, she didn’t want to disrupt others from working.

After all, she didn’t want the matter to be publicized and suffer the stares of others.

Finnick watched over her the whole time, worried that something might happen to her.

Riding in the car with Shane, Larry noticed that they were about to arrive at the nursing home.

After chatting for a while longer, they arrived before they knew it.

Shane realized that Larry was mature for his age and didn’t act like an eight-year-old at all.

But I guess that doesn’t matter. In the end, he was still kidnapped by us…

“Quick, bring him in.”

Evelyn was standing by the door, looking at Larry. She was feeling troubled.

The moment Larry saw Evelyn, he felt a chill down his spine.

Staring at her, he found her familiar but couldn’t remember where he knew her from.

Just when he was about to ask, Shane led him into the building.

“Ms. Rachel,” Shane greeted Rachel as it was the first time he met her before turning his attention to Evelyn.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Rachel looked at Larry and recalled how he and Vivian chatted with her the other day.

With no room to back out, all she could do was ask both of them if they were sure of their decision.

“It’s too late for regrets now.” Evelyn wanted to squash that thought in Rachel’s mind.

“Larry, don’t blame us for doing this. If there’s anyone you should blame, it would be your unscrupulous mother.” Evelyn grabbed the boy by the collar and glared viciously at him.

Evelyn refused to address Larry by his full name. As in her mind, Larry and his mother were not part of the Norton family.

She only let him go when she realized his feet were almost lifted off the ground.

Watching what was unfolding before him, Larry finally realized he was in grave danger and that his parents didn’t know where he was.

Initially, Larry was thinking about how to escape. But when he heard Evelyn’s comment about his mother, rage bubbled up within him.

“How dare you accuse my mom of being unscrupulous? You’re the unscrupulous one here! After losing out to her over my daddy, you kidnap me instead. Your methods are really shameless.”

Larry didn’t know who Evelyn was until she addressed Rachel as “Mom.”

It was only then that it occurred to him that he had seen her before on the security feed when Evelyn disappeared from the hospital.

Although it wasn’t very clear, the same scene kept replaying in his head, to the extent that he suddenly felt Evelyn was someone very familiar.

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