Never Late, Never Away Chapter 957

Slap! Evelyn couldn’t help but gave Larry a slap, causing a big red palm mark to appear on his face.

Despite the burning sensation he felt, Larry didn’t even make a sound. He knew that this was a matter of pride.

Rachel was shaken to her core when she saw the boy being slapped. She didn’t expect to see her gentle daughter act so cruelly.

“Enough, Evelyn, stop hitting him.” Shane couldn’t stand it as he felt the slap would be painful even for an adult, let alone an eight-year-old kid.

“If you feel bad, you can wait outside.” Evelyn glared at him. Now that she had no further use for him, there was no need for her to maintain her act.

Seeing that she was angry, all Shane could do was to remind her, “You should hide Larry someplace difficult to find. Otherwise, if they find him…”

Although his words made sense, Evelyn had other plans in mind.

She instructed Shane to take Larry someplace far away from the nursing home.

That way, they wouldn’t be easily found.

“Won’t there be a lot of insects here at night?” Shane stared at the spot in front of him which was filled with undergrowth.

There would usually be pythons or other sorts of insects hiding in places such as this.

Shane shuddered just thinking about it. He had been afraid of insects ever since he was a child. As an adult, his fear for them had intensified.

“If you have no guts, you can go home first.” Evelyn was speechless as she stared at the cowardly man in front of her.

By now, she had no feelings whatsoever for him. Evelyn was someone who was willing to do anything to achieve her goals. The moment she was done using someone, she would then cast that person aside.

Initially, she had planned to groom Shane further. But after observing his reaction, she dropped the idea entirely.

Nevertheless, Shane still decided to follow Evelyn inside because he was worried about her. Even though she was treating him like dirt, he simply assumed that she was in a bad mood.

Ignoring him, Evelyn headed straight in.

After scanning her surroundings, Evelyn stopped in her tracks. Shane put Larry gently onto the ground and looked around.

He was certain that there would be tons of insects at night.

Evelyn will definitely not be staying here. That means Larry will be…

Shane tried to shake the thoughts out of his head. He chose not to protest any further as he was worried about angering Evelyn again.

“What do you think about the place?” Evelyn was feeling smug about the place she had chosen. Taking a look, Shane saw a tall building in front of him. It wasn’t too tall, but it was there in case they needed it.

After scanning his surroundings, he replied with a nod, “It’s good.”

“It’s a waste of time asking for your opinion.” Evelyn had wanted to hear him praise her. But all she got was a monosyllabic answer.

Feeling upset, she gave Shane a side-eye before preparing to leave. Shane looked at Evelyn who was walking away before turning his attention to Larry. He then used the rope he had prepared to tie Larry up. All their efforts would be for naught if the boy escaped.

After Evelyn had walked some distance away, he looked sympathetically at Larry whom he had knocked unconscious. When he thought back to how happy Larry was playing with him, he began to have second thoughts.

However, he steeled himself in the end and chose to leave Larry there. With that, he followed Evelyn out of the area.

As of now, Evelyn could no longer stay with Rachel. She was worried that Vivian would find her there in her search for Larry.

Hence, Shane invited her to spend the night at his place and he would sleep on the sofa instead. Having no other choice, Evelyn nodded reluctantly and went with him.

As for Rachel, she was left lying in bed alone in the nursing home.

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