Never Late, Never Away Chapter 958

When Vivian still couldn’t find Larry, she was utterly distraught. Hence, she and Finnick found Shane’s address from the company’s registry and headed over together.

Although there was still a lot of work outstanding at the company, he was more worried about Vivian.

“Let’s go.” Finnick started driving the moment Vivian got in.

As Shane’s home was close to the office, they arrived there quickly.

When they were at the door, they found it to be locked.

Finnick began kicking the door with all his might. After three forceful kicks, he busted the door open.

Because Shane’s apartment wasn’t expensive, the door wasn’t strong and was easily broken down. Looking inside, Vivian was devastated to find that the whole place had been cleared out. All that was left was an empty home.

They had wasted a lot of time with nothing to show for it.

Just when Vivian wanted to check the room, a middle-aged woman walked in.

“What are you doing? How can you charge into someone’s home by destroying their door? What you’re doing is illegal.”

It appeared that the woman was the owner of the apartment. She started berating them when she saw them barging in.

Finnick was stunned as it was the first time he was being yelled at by a middle-aged woman.

As for Vivian, she approached the woman before stuffing some money into her hands, and gave her an apologetic look.

“Ma’am, I hope you won’t mind about this. I’m just doing this because I’ve lost my son.”

The moment the woman saw the money, she beamed with joy.

Sure, whatever you say. Please, go ahead.”

Given the look on the woman’s face, Vivian felt that there definitely wasn’t anything fishy inside. Or else she wouldn’t have let them in so easily.

It wasn’t until they had left that whispers were heard from the room.

“Let me see if they have gone.” Just when Shane was preparing to go out and check, Evelyn stopped him.

“They are really sly, what if they’re waiting for us outside?”

Just like that, both of them maintained their stance and didn’t move a muscle.

“Where do you think they could have gone?”

Finnick had no idea despite racking his brains.

However, Vivian suddenly thought of a place. The nursing home!

“Let’s go to the nursing home.” Right after she spoke, they hurried into the car and drove there. They had to find Larry by today. Or else, he would definitely be in grave danger.

Even though Finnick was driving as fast as he could, Vivian was still filled with anxiety. Before she knew it, they had arrived at the nursing home’s entrance.

Seeing how Vivian stumbled out of the car, Finnick hurried over anxiously and supported her.

“Slow down.” Just as he spoke, Vivian dashed toward Rachel’s room.

Finnick followed closely behind. When Vivian saw Rachel lying in her bed, she stared into her eyes hoping to find a clue.

However, she didn’t manage to see anything.

“Did you see Larry?” Vivian asked while Finnick was observing the elder woman’s expression closely.

“No, I didn’t.” Rachel shook her head without any hesitation.

“She’s lying,” Finnick whispered to Vivian, who nodded in response.

He then stepped forward, found a piece of strong rope, and tied Rachel up with it.

“Have you decided to abandon me now that your precious daughter has returned? To think you would even dare to harm Larry…” Vivian glared at Rachel as she spoke; her voice laced with a self-deprecating tone.

She was mocking herself for being a fool. She had planned to treat Rachel well but never thought that blood would always be thicker than water.

Feeling devastated, she threatened Rachel, “Call Evelyn now and get her to rescue you. Or else, how long do you think you can survive without your medication?”

Vivian gave Rachel a vicious glare. She was sure that Evelyn had returned because of that bed.

The quilt cover had been changed to blue because Evelyn was worried that Rachel would dirty it. Also, all the health supplements were nowhere to be seen.

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