Never Late, Never Away Chapter 959

Rachel would never throw them away. Hence, it could only be Evelyn. Vivian snorted as she looked at Rachel.

“Since you love your daughter so much. Let us see how much she loves you then.”

Vivian gritted her teeth as she spoke, a clear indication of how upset she was.

“Vivian, don’t forget that I raised you.”

“So what if you did? You switched me at birth and caused me to suffer through all those years. Have you forgotten about that?” Even at this time, how can she still have the gall to claim that I’m in her debt simply because she raised me?

Vivian responded with a snigger before getting Rachel to make the call. As she began to worry about her own situation, Rachel looked at Vivian and wondered what was on her mind.

Since Vivian wasn’t in a hurry, she returned Rachel’s gaze and wondered the same thing.

After hesitating for a while, Rachel finally decided to make the call.

For starters, she still wanted to live. Secondly, she was actually interested to find out what Evelyn’s true attitude toward her was. Lastly, she was genuinely concerned about Larry.

After a few rings, the call was disconnected without anyone answering. Vivian furrowed her brows when Rachel looked at her, given that she could no longer blame her now.

Does Evelyn not plan to pick up even if Rachel was the one calling? Vivian couldn’t help but sneer in response. Looking at Finnick, she asked him what their next step was.

Finnick nodded and untied Rachel. After that, he led Vivian out and left.

“Hey, why aren’t you punishing Rachel?” Vivian was desperate to find her son and would not let any sliver of opportunity go.

However, she couldn’t guess what Finnick was thinking when he pulled her out of the room.

“When Evelyn ended the call earlier, she had inadvertently left us a way to track her down. We can use hackers to trace her IP address.”

With that thought in mind, Finnick called his company and quickly assembled some men to trace the call.

Vivian went with Finnick to search nearby, but they didn’t find anything at all. Therefore, both of them headed to the company and waited for their men to trace Evelyn’s IP address. This was the only way they could locate Evelyn.

If they could find her, they would also be able to find Larry. This was a fact that Vivian was sure of.

When she tried to call Evelyn with other numbers, the calls were all disconnected.

Despite feeling anxious, Vivian was aware that there was no use worrying. All she could do was wait there together with Finnick. As the company employees were extremely competent, they quickly found the address.

The location wasn’t far away, it was somewhere they had passed by on the way here. Therefore, they rushed there immediately hoping to save Larry as soon as possible.

However, on their way there, they were stopped by a police car. Someone had made a police report that Finnick was involved in illegal activities. Hence, the police were there to arrest him.

Vivian was troubled. Why do all these things always happen at the same time?

“Go with them. I’ll save Larry.”

Seeing Vivian driving away, Finnick was filled with anxiety. However, since he couldn’t attack the police, he had no choice but to wait in the patrol car and hope that the police would release him quickly.

It wasn’t until nightfall that Larry’s location was finally found.

Although the place was secluded, Vivian thought that it was perfect for teaching them a lesson. This time, she decided to deal with them once and for all.

She steeled her heart as she knew that she had to show them no mercy. When she saw that she was nearing her destination, she prepared herself mentally.

She was almost there when Vivian realized the path ahead would not allow a car to pass through. Hence, she got out of the car and continued on foot.

Meanwhile, after Finnick was brought to the police station, they realized that they had got the wrong person after verifying his identity in detail.

After knowing that fact, Finnick had the urge to punch all the officers there. Is this how incompetent the police have become?

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