Never Late, Never Away Chapter 960

After throwing them an angry glance, Finnick got into a cab and hastened after Vivian. I hope Vivian will be safe and able to rescue Larry without a hitch!

Despite having such a thought, he still felt a little uneasy. The situation will be more manageable if Evelyn is alone there, but it will be otherwise with Shane being around.

If they get into a fight, Vivian is no match for them!

“Mister, please speed up!” Finnick grew anxious while the cab was moving at a snail’s pace.

Right away, the vehicle accelerated as the driver sensed the anxiety in his tone. Still, it could not keep up with his desired speed. Meanwhile, Vivian was approaching the building. The surroundings were dingy and damp, and there were some bugs flying around.

She accidentally kicked a stone, causing the bugs underneath the stone to rush out.

Aah! Vivian jumped up in fright. Yet, thinking about Larry, she plucked up the courage to move forward and enter the building. Evelyn had expected Vivian to discover that place, but she did not foresee the latter would get there so soon. Slap! When Vivian went inside, she heard a slap.

Oh Gosh! Did she just slap little pumpkin? It must be!

Uneasiness flickered in Vivian’s eyes, and she ran forward hurriedly. Soon, both Evelyn and Larry came into sight. Evelyn was pinching Larry’s cheek while her gaze was so vicious that it horrified Vivian.

What has she gone through? Why does she hate us so much? She must have suffered a lot to have eyes that hold a look of implacable hatred!

However, time did not allow Vivian to ponder over that question further. She could only rush toward Larry to untie and rescue him.

“Don’t come over!” Evelyn had been there since morning and was getting agitated when she saw Vivian approaching. Much to her appeasement, Vivian looked anxious and frightened. The more she worried about her son, the happier Evelyn was.

Contentment filled Evelyn’s heart, and she could barely conceal her delight.

Immediately, she pressed a knife against Larry’s neck. Upon seeing that, Vivian dared not act rashly for fear that Evelyn would cut his throat.

She was full of fear, panic, and anxiety when her son was being tortured. I don’t deserve to be his mom!

“Little pumpkin, wake up! Look at me!” With a sense of foreboding, Vivian shouted when she saw Larry remained silent with his eyes closed.

Did they kill little pumpkin?

Staring at her son, she could feel nothing but blind terror.

Suddenly, Larry raised his head to look at Vivian. “Mommy, I’m scared!”

Upon hearing that, she burst into tears. He has always been a strong boy, but now he is in fear.

Quickly, Vivian wiped her tears away and looked at Larry, trying to reassure him. “Little pumpkin, don’t worry! I’ll save you!”

“Humph! If you want to save your son, then you’ll have to sacrifice yourself!” After listening to their conversation, Evelyn immediately seized the chance to get rid of Vivian. She then glanced at Shane, signaling him to kill Vivian.

However, Shane felt strange. Aren’t we just trying to scare Vivian? Why are we taking her life now?

He refused to do so. Noticing his timid look, Evelyn regretted getting the wrong person to help her.

She had no choice but to throw the knife onto the ground, and it landed right next to Vivian’s feet. Looking at Vivian, she said mercilessly, “You saw the knife, huh? Kill yourself if you want to save your son!”

After she finished her words, she let Vivian make her own decision. Staring at the knife on the ground, a lot of things popped up in Vivian’s mind—her past with Finnick—living with her son by themselves when Finnich was not in the picture, and the image of Finnick playing happily with Larry.

Thinking about all those memories, her eyes reddened and brimmed with tears. However, Vivian did not want to cry before her enemy, so she looked up at the sky, trying to choke back her tears. She then shot Shane and Evelyn an icy glare.

“Shane Teslar, I’ve treated you fairly well all this while, but you’re turning against me now! I’ve trusted the wrong person!”

“Evelyn Morrison, you’ll be punished for your evil deeds. You won’t have a good life! I just hope you keep your promise and release my son after I die!”

Little pumpkin is the only child between Finnick and me. I won’t abandon him. Nor can I!

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