Never Late, Never Away Chapter 961

Looking at Larry, who was held hostage by Evelyn and on the brink of death, Vivian’s heart clenched and she was bleeding at the sight of how much Larry had suffered.

At that moment, no one could come to their rescue. She was the only one who could rescue Larry.

“Ms. Morrison, I…” After hearing Vivian’s words, Shane felt guilty and tried to explain to her that he was deceived by Evelyn and had no intention to harm them. He had nothing but regrets now.

“Don’t talk to me!” Vivian stopped him.

“Don’t worry! I’ll keep my promise!” Evelyn interrupted them, as she wanted Vivian to kill herself immediately so that her wish could be fulfilled.

Finally, I can get back together with Finnick after this woman is dead!

Well, as for Larry, I’ll dump him somewhere after his mother’s death! When thinking about those and looking at Vivian, Evelyn’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. Meanwhile, Vivian glanced at Larry and was relieved after ensuring that he had fainted.

Phew! I can’t let little pumpkin see me lying in a pool of blood! He will be traumatized!

“Hurry up! Kill yourself! After this, our score will be settled!” Evelyn grew anxious as Vivian was dawdling.

Is she trying to buy time while waiting for Finnick to come and rescue her?

But, he didn’t come this time. Something is off! Nevertheless, Evelyn stopped overthinking and watched Vivian raising her hand slowly.

Meanwhile, Finnick was almost there. In fact, he was just five minutes away.

Thinking about Vivian and Larry, panic surged through him and a deep sense of uneasiness held him rigid. How’s the situation over there?

At last, Vivian raised her hand and slashed her wrist. She then looked toward Evelyn.

“Look, can you let go of Larry now?” Even though Vivian was going to die soon, she was still worried about her son.

“Hahaha! I will!” Evelyn raised her head and burst out laughing.

Looking at the blood dripping from Vivian’s wrist, she felt everything was beautiful.

Much to her relief, the things that she had been looking forward to would be materialized soon. Shortly, Vivian’s blood covered the ground, and part of it was already dry. Her lips turned pale, and she was on the brink of death.

Upon seeing that, excitement swelled within Evelyn, whereas Shane felt a flash of terror and squeezed his eyes shut. It was his first time witnessing such a cruel scene. Eventually, he could not help but throw up.

Vivian’s wrist was still bleeding, and Shane wanted to pull Evelyn away. Suddenly, there was a car approaching the building. Evelyn guessed Finnick had arrived, so she quickly took Larry away.

At that moment, the dying Vivian realized Evelyn had fooled her. Immediately, she stretched her hand, trying to grab Evelyn, but she was too weak and collapsed.

The blood was still dripping from her wrist.

“Vivian! Vivian!” Finnick arrived in time. He was in a complete state of panic when he saw her wrist bleeding. Finnick had never seen Vivian lying in a pool of blood, and her lips had gone pale.

“Hurry up! Rescue little pumpkin!” Spending the last ounce of energy, Vivian pointed in the direction where Evelyn left. Then, she fainted.

“Vivian, wake up!” Finnick panicked.

Should I save Vivian or go after Evelyn and rescue Larry? But… Vivian is going to die if I don’t save her now!

Glancing in the direction where Larry had left, a trace of guilt flashed in his eyes. Finnick then carried Vivian and left.

Meanwhile, Evelyn brought Larry to somewhere safe and hid him there. Apart from providing him with daily meals, she did not care about him and left him there alone.

When Larry woke up and realized he was still held captive, he continued waiting for his mother to rescue him.

Mommy said she would rescue me!

After leaving that place, Finnick sent Vivian to the hospital immediately. She was still in the emergency room and needed a blood transfusion urgently due to excessive blood loss. Fortunately, they got the blood that was compatible with her blood type in the hospital. While having the blood transfusion, the doctor performed surgery on her. Finnick waited outside of the emergency room for quite some time. Meanwhile, he sent someone to look for Larry. He was left with endless waiting and anticipation…

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