Never Late, Never Away Chapter 962

Still, there was no news of Larry after such a long time. It was until Vivian came out of the emergency room that Finnick stopped thinking about their son for the time being. For him, his wife was far more important than his son.

Vivian was still unconscious. While looking at her face, the feeling of hatred toward Evelyn grew inside Finnick. It’s all Evelyn’s fault! Of course, it was partly my fault too! I was too gullible and didn’t sever our relationship tactfully and have a clean cut with her.

When thinking about that, Finnick immediately got a group of people to search for Evelyn and ordered them to capture her. He even approached the private investigator to look for her. I don’t think she is so capable that she can escape from all of them!

While having such a thought, Finnick walked toward the bed and sat next to Vivian, staring at her.

He finally realized how she felt when he was lying on the hospital bed last time.

She must be sad and hoping for the best.

Finnick stayed by Vivian’s side every day while she remained unconscious.

At the same time, there was a lot of work to be handled by him in the company. In the end, he shifted his workstation to the hospital so that he could take care of her and be the first one to know when she awoke.

During that period, there were many occasions when Finnick worried that Vivian would not wake up. Still, he stayed by her side.

“Mr. Norton!” After Noah knocked on the door, he looked at Finnick and seemed to have something to say.

“Yes?” Finnick blinked and rubbed his tired eyes. Then, he looked toward Noah.

“We’ve got some clues. I believe we will find her soon!” Noah tried to motivate Finnick as the latter had been feeling down recently.

“Alright, I got it!”

Though Noah had left Finnick, he wanted to help out for the couple’s sake while everyone was busy.

He had been helping to look for Evelyn and Larry. After being busy for such a long period, they finally got some clues. At least, all their hard work paid off. During that period, Benedict and Paris visited Vivian several times. However, she remained unconscious when they visited her.

Benedict remarked that there were so many hardships in Vivian’s life and she never had a peaceful life since birth.

He even said that she could only surrender to her fate. Upon hearing his remark, Finnick nodded in response and stared at Vivian affectionately.

One day, someone whispered, “Finnick!”

Having a sharp hearing, Finnick heard the soft voice.

Immediately, he rushed toward the bed and realized that Vivian had opened her eyes.

“I’m here. Vivian, you are finally awake!”

Finnick was so excited that tears welled up in his eyes and streamed down his cheek. That was the second time he shed tears before Vivian.

In fact, Finnick thought about giving up on her and even himself. But then, seeing that Vivian had awoken, he felt that all the waiting was worthwhile. At least, it was not a vain attempt.

Finally, no more waiting! Even the doctor had previously informed that it was difficult for Vivian to awake. Despite that, a miracle happened.

Thank goodness, she is awake!

“How long have I been unconscious?” Staring at Finnick who was bursting with excitement, Vivian caressed his cheek and wiped away his tears while affection gleamed in her eyes. Her voice became extremely hoarse after a long sleep.

Immediately, he poured her a glass of warm water and waited for her to empty it before he responded to her words.

Finnick took the glass from her and looked at her, wondering if he should tell her the truth.

She has just woken up. What if she couldn’t take it?

Nevertheless, he answered, “Eight days.”

It had been eight days. Finnick stayed by her side every day and moistened her lips with water. He would feed her some soup with his mouth.

He even cleaned her body with a washcloth for fear that the body odor would disgust her when she woke up. By doing so, he hoped she would have a pleasant mood then.

During that period, Finnick was so worn out that his cheeks had lost their volume. On the contrary, Vivian had gained some weight.

“So… where is little pumpkin?” Suddenly, she recalled the situation when she fainted and thought of Larry.

Evelyn has taken him away at that time. Where is he now? If he is still held captive by Evelyn, the chances of him surviving will be very slim!

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