Never Late, Never Away Chapter 963

Thinking about that, Vivian looked at Finnick with panic gleamed in her eyes, hoping that he would answer her quickly. She was getting extremely anxious. Feeling guilty, he stared at her and was unsure of how to reply to her.

“Tell me! Where is little pumpkin? Is he still held captive by Evelyn?” By looking at Finnick’s expression, Vivian knew he failed to rescue their son.

That must be it! Tears brimmed her eyes and streamed down her face.

That day, Evelyn slapped little pumpkin. By now, she must have brutally tortured him! While thinking about Larry, Vivian glared at Finnick. “It’s all your fault! Why didn’t you go after Evelyn? How could you let her take our son away? Don’t you love him?”

She nearly had a nervous breakdown and would have collapsed if it had not been for Larry.

Finnick felt bad about causing her to get agitated right after she awoke. He had no choice but to look at her and comfort her. “Vivian, don’t get angry! I already knew where Larry is. Give me three days and we will pick him up and settle the score with Evelyn. I promise you!”

Eventually, his words calmed Vivian down and eased the restlessness in her. He then placed a pillow behind her so that she could rest comfortably on it.

“Really? We will find little pumpkin?” Vivian looked at Finnick like a kid asking for candy.

After all, he was the only person whom she could trust at that moment.

Vivian did not want to be fooled, and neither did she want her hope to turn into despair. She had experienced the pain of losing hope after seeing one.

I was supposed to rescue little pumpkin, but I failed to do so when he was just in front of me! I could only watch as he was being taken away while I barely had any strength to fight back.

Those images popped up in Vivian’s mind. At last, she buried her face against his chest and started bawling. A great pang gripped her heart, and the pain in her chest was suffocating her.

Looking at her, Finnick felt a great wrench of sadness, but he could not let out a wail like her. Instead, he pulled her into a tight embrace.

It’s so comfortable to hug someone you love in your arms!

After crying for a while, Vivian was exhausted and fell asleep. Finnick gently put her to bed and covered her with a quilt.

He then glanced at the clock and presumed that she would wake up after a short sleep. After that, Finnick went out to buy some food. The doctor administered an intravenous drip to Vivian for the past eight days. However, the drip could only guarantee that she would not be starved to death, it could not satisfy her hunger.

Since she has regained consciousness, she will definitely be hungry later at night. I shall get the food now so that she can have it when she wakes up later.

When Finnick returned to the hospital, he saw a nurse packing up stuff at Vivian’s bedside. He was so worried that he rushed forward to take a look.

Recently, he had been taking care of Vivian personally as he did not trust anyone else. For Finnick, she was the most precious person in his life.

Upon approaching the bedside, he realized that was Noah’s girlfriend, Ivana. She met Finnick’s eyes, and they nodded to greet each other. Then, Ivana explained, “Noah told me that Mrs. Norton had woken up. You went out just now, so I came over to check on her, in case anything happened.”

He nodded in acknowledgment and appreciated her thoughtful act. Finnick then shifted his gaze toward Vivian.

“See you later!” Ivana packed up quickly and walked out, leaving the two alone in the room.

“Vivian, do you want something to eat?” While looking at Vivian, Finnick raised his hand and showed her the food. Oh Gosh, her face is so pale! Maybe she didn’t get enough food recently.

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