Never Late, Never Away Chapter 964

Finnick purposely chose the food that supported healing after surgery for Vivian.

Indeed, she was hungry. Looking at the food in his hand, she nodded in response and tried to sit up. Finnick immediately stepped forward to support her. After Vivian sat up, he pulled the over-bed table toward her and served the food. Then, he handed her a fork.

“Have you eaten?” Vivian knew Finnick had not been eating properly, as he had been busy taking care of her.

Of course not! I only thought of you, Honey!

Finnick looked hesitant, so Vivian knew he had not eaten. She asked him to sit face to face and brought the food to his mouth, signaling him to open his mouth. Vivian fed him, and they shared the food.

Finnick smiled happily. Soon, his cheerful smile turned into a melancholy one.

We used to feed each other when Larry was around. Now, it’s just the two of us! I hate this feeling! But what else can I do?

I hope we can find Larry soon so that Vivian can recover quickly and we can live happily together!

After three days, Finnick called to check the progress. Unfortunately, there was no good news. What am I supposed to do now? I’ve promised her to get Larry by today!

On the contrary, Vivian did not urge him. Knowing that he was tired, she did not want to pressure him further. Let everything go with the flow! I just hope that little pumpkin is safe!

Suddenly, Vivian felt the prediction given by a fortune-teller during their trip had come true somehow. She could not recall the prediction but vaguely remembered the fortune teller said that she would not have a child.

Her heart was flooded with sadness, and she let out a bitter laugh. Since I’ve been blessed with a son, I must protect him at all costs. After this incident, I swear I won’t let anything happen to little pumpkin!

“Vivian! Vivian!” Finnick’s tone was filled with excitement and joy.

Vivian stared at him with a puzzled look on her face. Could it be that they found Evelyn?

He said, “We found Evelyn!”

Wait a minute. Did I hear it wrong? After a while, she realized it was true. His words set off a ripple of excitement in her. Immediately, she responded, “Hurry up! I want to discharge. Let’s find little pumpkin!”

Vivian knew she had not fully recovered yet, but she could continue to recuperate at home after they rescued Larry.

She had been depressed and despondent recently. Finally, Vivian had something to look forward to, and it cheered her soul. Finnick did not want to let her down, so he nodded his head in agreement. He then helped Vivian to put on her shoes. When he was about to pack up their belongings, she said, “Leave it to me! You take care of the discharge process. Let me pack up the things!”

They divided the tasks among themselves and finished the packing soon.

Finnick hailed a cab and ordered the driver to send their belongings home. After that, they brought along four bodyguards and went to the location provided by the detective.

He glanced at the address and informed the driver of the location. It was a remote place. They assumed Evelyn stayed at such a place to hide from Finnick.

Vivian felt a surge of anxiety when they approached that place. She failed to rescue Larry last time and was afraid that it would be another vain attempt.

Finnick could sense her uneasiness. Immediately, he held her hand, trying to calm her down and let her know he was by her side. Staring at him, Vivian determined to rescue Larry. Finnick is here! Why should I be afraid?

Thinking of that, Vivian encouraged herself to stay strong. She then looked at the road in front of her, observing the scenes and things along the way, in case of emergency. Meanwhile, Finnick kept holding her hand.

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